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Tribute To Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries is an amazing photographer who uses homeless people as his subjects. I came across his photos while looking for some reference on google.
I'm not talented enough to critique anyone but I know what I like and I know what I think is good, and I know Lee Jeffries is outstanding!

0.1 art pen, white gel pen on smooth bristol
about one week
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MP560 series
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All the texture and directional lines make this piece really nice to look at. A pleasure! 
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I am not sure what you are reffering to by saying " I'm not talented enough to critique..."
Your drawings are amazing. Heart (Ela)
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I think I meant I'm not talented enough to critique Lee Jeffries. He is awesome.
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I checked it out, yes, amazing photography. (Ela)
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That's really lovely... I may have to check out white gel pens. I've never used one. Looks like it enables you to work into a regular ink drawing as if you were using scratchboard.
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Thank you! Be careful with the gel pen. It works okay with art pens for minor little mistakes. You shouldn't plan on using it at all if possible. Recently I have tried ballpoint pens, and the gel pen is horrible with them, it turns the black ink a purple color. I used it for the blobs of ink you get with the ballpoint pens. I would definitely practice first.
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This has been featured in my journal!

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Thank you for the feature! It's really nice.
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I love Lee's stuff, and this is a great rendition of his work :)
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Wow your strength is definetly drawing hair and all of the noses are great :)
I'd suggest drawing the iris of the eyes more with strukture?

I should not try to give you hints because your art is overwhelmingly great and mine is pretty poor in comparison but still I wanted to give you adive as well as I can do because advice is the nicest feedback we all can recieve from other artists, right?
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Thank you. This is one of my earlier drawings. I believe I have gotten better with the eyes. For some reason, I seem to be struggling with lips now-a-days.
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really incredible work
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This is incredddible
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Truly amazing! Bravo!
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