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This is my first try at creating a 3D image. I was inspired by an tutorial in Computer Arts.

I created the typeface, I used blender to form and render it, and then i finished it in PS3 with some of my stock textures.
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can u send me the tutorial ? o_o
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Featured here: [link]
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Can I have the link to the font?? It looks AWESOME dude! Please the font looks awesome i'd love to get it!!

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The font was actually designed by myself and created in was based off of a lot of the abstract block typefaces that are out there. If I had a full alphabet designed, I would gladly hook you up, but I don't, I only really designed the characters as I needed them. Thanks for the interest though, much appreciated!
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nice.. i almost thght u used C4D for the 3D font! lol
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That's really amazing. This was the first time you did typography in Blender?
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yeah, I saw a tut in a mag and designed my own font and gave it a try. Glad you like it.
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wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
really amazing
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thank you very much.
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which program did you use for 3D image ?
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I used the free program Blender...along with the free ray tracer Yafray.
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Thanks dude :)
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