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Silly Quickie - Do Not Disturb

By RoninDude
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2 hours on this one.

Just a super silly sketch that I ended the day with, yesterday.  ;P

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So, miss barmaid. What was it you wanted to talk to me ab-- OH, MY GOD!
DrewK27's avatar

Awww very cute.

RoninDude's avatar
JohnK222's avatar
I really like this one, but yeah, it’s hard to imagine such a situation. Maybe: “I'm sorry I spilt your drink sir. Please be gentle!” In some kind of play acting scenario. ;P
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Or it could be she was in a hurry to get dressed for work and put on her younger sister's underwear by mistake.
cullyferg2010's avatar
Looks like she needs to go and can't find the chamber pot!
RoninDude's avatar
Haha! I suppose that could work!
RemnantComic's avatar
"Stop looking at meeeee" XD

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Super cute!  Nice job!
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I love the expression on her face, it makes it extra cute PLUS THE FRECKLES!! i'm dying. :)
RoninDude's avatar
Hehe awesome! Thank you very much!
DiDark666's avatar
Her freckles and her CUTE butt!

Shes so adorable ♥
Asmodeus623's avatar
This made me lol
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