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Patreon June 2019 - Tifa 2

June's art pack is dedicated to Tifa Lockhart from FF7! This month I am including lingerie and nude variants for each drawing, this one included. :D (Big Grin)

If you sign up before the end if the month, you can get the high resolution (4k) picture as well as the rest of this month's art pack! Check it out! 

Click the link to learn more:
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You can also get all my previous art packs, here: 
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KuroNekoKeef's avatar
Very original Tifa's fanart !
Always amazed by your style !
RoninDude's avatar
Thanks a ton! 
KuroNekoKeef's avatar
Always my pleasure Dude !!
ILoveIceAreas's avatar
Pre Ethics Department! ^_^
redhawk1986's avatar
You keep making her more and more hotter!!! Don’t ever stop doing so :3 
RoninDude's avatar
Thanks! I do my best! 
ForestWolfDragon's avatar
Seductive pose achieved.  Distraction overkill.
LePreuxChevalier's avatar
Blessed be this work of art, and that which createth it. <3
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
Oh god. My materias! They leveled up! :D 
YankeeBlueJeans's avatar
Fantastic image, Ronin. I like the black underwear as opposed to the usual white ones.   
RoninDude's avatar
Thanks! It's cannon, now. She wears black bike shorts in the Remake. 
Someone is clearly ready to unwind after a long day at the bar.
Deviljackies's avatar
Looking sexy as usual Tifa!!! XD
PwN3Rship's avatar
this game is gonna be extremely full of panty shots,...



life is good.
K-E-Y-K-O's avatar
One moire beer, please. 
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