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Dark Souls - Dying Flame

I don't know how I missed this train, but I just recently got into Dark Souls, and I've been wanting to do some fan art of it since I got started. Undead knights in a crumbling world is totally my aesthetic, so I don't know how I missed out on it for so long! Anyways, here's my contribution to all the Dark Souls fan art out there. 

I am totally obsessed with it. Seriously. XD
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One against all.

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Awesome work! Love those games.
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Thanks! Yeah me too!
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0-0 your mind blowing me wit this amazing work and background 
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Thanks so much! 
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Very apt addition to the Dark Souls fanart. When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
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Thanks dude! It was maximally enjoyable to make. :D
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amazing, totally captures the essence of the series imo!

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Glad to hear that. :)
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Don't worry, obsession is totally normal for people who get into this series.
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Haha good to know! 
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So which of the games have you played so far?  If you don't mind me asking.
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I just finished my second complete run of Dark Souls, to get both endings. Last night I just started Dark Souls 2.
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Oh, nice!  Both endings, huh?  Looks like you weren't kidding!  Haha.
So you're going through them in order?  Any first impressions on the sequel?
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I got nearly all the items too (didn't get any NPC specific items because I am not a murder hobo lol), and did all the npc quests. Even saved Solaire so he could help me fight Gwyn in the first run! 

As for DS2, I've only played a few hours, and didn't get far. I'm the sort of player who stops to look at every piece of the environment, because I like the artistry in games. But as for the game as a whole, my first impression is that it reminds me of some older FromSoft games, like Kingsfield IV. I've heard people say DS2 is not as good as the others, so I am going in with no expectations. But so far enjoying it a lot, especially the atmosphere.

The lore is the entire reason I started playing Dark Souls. I'm pretty open minded about content though. I am the sort who just lets the game immerse me, and I don't try to compare it to my expectations, or judge that it's "correct" based on the preconceptions I have built, thus far. I let the game speak for itself, and just sort of buy into the world provided. There's some obvious differences in the world from DS1, and I know that, on a meta level, it's likely due to the game having different directors than the first and 3rd game (both of which everyone else says is "cannon"). Personally, I'd rather just assume that there's in-game lore reasons for clashing info, and any inconsistencies come from either me not knowing all the info, or the item descriptions/npcs having imperfect information, passed down through the ages. It's easier to enjoy stuff if you just trust the content to be right (or intentionally "wrong") and fill in the gaps based on that notion. 

Anyways, yeah! Only a couple of hours in, but it's fun and exciting to explore a new game in the Dark Souls world. I am playing a knight, because that's how I roll. :D
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I freaking love this!!!
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