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Daily Drawing 5-9-2016 Flirty Maid

By RoninDude
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Had to go quick with this one, I had no time to draw today! Well, that's that! Hope you like this silly bit of cheesecake!

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MercenaryX's avatar
You know what would make this even more sexy? Elf ears.
RoninDude's avatar
Lol I do a lot of elf girls, for sure! 
MercenaryX's avatar
Can we see a Drow version? That would really make an outfit and what she is doing in this picture pop.
RoninDude's avatar
I don't take requests. I get them too often, and I only have so much time in the day. I'd rather just draw my own stuff. XD
MercenaryX's avatar
I should have clarified, I wasn't making a request just asking a question if we'll ever see one.
RoninDude's avatar
I guess we will find out. Sorry, I just don't know what I will be inspired to draw. It just happens when it happens. XD
dlfhyb's avatar
god bless this girl
Bhoddisatva's avatar
I really like the black outlines against a stark white background. Dunno...causes the image to really pop.
RoninDude's avatar
Glad you like it!
Grendelkin's avatar
0.0 This is a step beyond 'flirty'....
ILoveIceAreas's avatar
her body is so ready bro
RoninDude's avatar
Titles are hard. lol
cullyferg2010's avatar
Trying to give this old man heart failure?
RoninDude's avatar
Take care of yourself, man! ;)
japender61's avatar
I have to disagree that this is silly.  I love it!  I think a beautiful girl's panties being pulled down, or partially pulled down, is the sexiest image ever!  Excellent job!
RoninDude's avatar
Well, thanks! XD
cullyferg2010's avatar
Trying to show what tonight's 'special' is? 
MadCat221's avatar
I personally don't think such a straightforward... "overture" can be considered flirting, personally...
RoninDude's avatar
Oh I agree! But it's just a silly title so... I don't feel like agonizing over it. :)
Bestevaer's avatar
Heh, heh, cheesecake. I like cheesecake. You know for a quickie, the anatomy of the thighs is pretty tight. Years of practice rather than a happy accident, I gather. That line that indicates cleavage is more for the audience and shows where your priorities lie. That line is small and faint, so the audience has to fill in the gaps and let their visual memory take over, while you focus more on your lineart and the intricacies of her clothes and hair. Speaking of I love the tussle of hair and the brown of her hair goes really well with that cobalt blue ribbon. I get a great kick out of her cocky, flirtatious eyes. There's so much life to them! This is a really nice piece. Good job, Ray! Well done. :)
RoninDude's avatar
Thank you! Not a lot of thought goes into these, so I suppose you could call it instinct. :)
FirebreathingAlison's avatar
There's a theme running through most of your drawing which might suggest you spend ages thinking about it, flashing pants and pretty faces that is.  In my unqualified opinion you draw the most charming faces full of beautiful expression on DA.  Thoughtful, outraged, bewildered or flirty, your girls are simply lovely.
RoninDude's avatar
I spend about as much time thinking about the "sexy" aspects of a drawing like this as it takes to come up with an idea, which is just a few moments. I have a few "favorite" themes that I return to, but in truth, most of my time drawing is spent thinking about the technical aspects of art.... Or schedules... And deadlines... And personal or business goals! So I spend more time daydreaming or planning life stuff when I am drawing than I do thinking about risque shots or pretty faces. Sure, in beginning of a drawing, I have to focus and nail the design in the sketch phase, but one's the design is locked in (usually about 30 minutes), I let my mind wander onto other things. And when I am not drawing, I am not thinking about it! But that's because I draw a few hours, every day, so I have to make room for other aspects of life, as well as running the business side of being a professional artist. 

I appreciate your comment, and that compliment is very nice! Personally, I think there are plenty of people who can do a better than I with expressions, but that's just motivation to do better. I am glad you like my work!
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