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Battlemap - Beach with Cliffs

***Free to use, for non-profit/non-commercial purposes.***

I made this map for the Dungeons and Dragon's game I am running (5th edition). Here is a random beach encounter map. I plan on making several versions, so as to give some variety to beach encounters. I put the elevation markers on the different high places, in order to make it easier to estimate such things, during play. It's not meant to be super exact, just a rough guideline to make play faster and more intuitive. Works for us, hopefully you find it useful, too. :) (Smile)

Printing a map this size on one sheet requires poster sized prints, which is really expensive. It can run anywhere from $40-$100 or more, in some places. However, if you print them onto several sheets of regular printer paper and tape them together, it's much cheaper, usually only costing a few dollars. here's how I do it: 

1. Download a program called PosteRazor. It's a freeware program that can output a PDF file that separates a larger image into smaller sections that can be printed on regular sized paper. Here's the link:

2. Upload the map image file into PosteRazor, and choose your settings based on your desired output. You can select the papersize (I choose US Letter size), printer margins, overlapping size (for where individual sheets meet), image size/scale, and image alignment. The last step, once you have the settings how you want them, is to export it into a PDF document, for print. 

3. Take/send your PDF file to your local print shop, and ask them to print each page of the PDF file on your chosen paper size (I use US Letter size). Paper size must be the same as whatever you chose in PosteRazor. 

4. Take the printed sheets home and use a hobby knife and a ruler (or scissors, if that's all you have), and trim off the white borders where the image was not printed, on each sheet. 

5. Tape the trimmed sheets together, where they match on the printed image. 

6. Enjoy your map!
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I'd like to modify this Map for my Dnd game, do you think you could upload a gridless version?
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When I get the chance, I may upload gridless versions of each. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time, right now. But I'll try to set some time aside to do just that, sometime in the future! 
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No worries, thanks for the quick reply :D
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I can see the possibilities here already :)

Loving these maps!
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YankeeBlueJeans's avatar
I remember sitting in class and sketching stuff like this.

There's something strangely relaxing about drawing beautiful battle maps. :D
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DeathBlade88's avatar
The monsters always have to pick such nice places.
Shame it's going to be smeared in their blood.
RoninDude's avatar
Meh, it's sand. It should wash out easy enough. ;)
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This looks like a fun place to fight! All kinds of cool terrain, and those rocks are awesome :D
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Thanks! The players had a ton of fun, on this map! I learned a lot about what makes a map fun to run, with this one. :)
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It looks awesome! :D
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Sweet concept!
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tehwatcher's avatar
1st so beautiful

2nd  nice beach

3rd i just notice now whats those cube lines for?
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The grid is used to keep track of each creature's movement and position on the battle map. Like a board game. 
tehwatcher's avatar
1st your welcome

2nd :)

3rd i see so do maps really have such?
RoninDude's avatar
What do you mean? I don't understand. Obviously my map has them! lol
tehwatcher's avatar
1st i meant is it needed in game maps?
RoninDude's avatar
Each table runs their game differently. Some games don't even use battle maps. So it's not an easy question to answer. 
tehwatcher's avatar
1st i see thanks for info

2nd stil you sure your not serly making a game ;)
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