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Clearlooks Compact aka Clearloks

All credits go to The orginial creator of ubuntu theme for ubuntu linux
and to Marchel hoffs for porting it to windows.
A easy on the eyes VS for windows orginal to ubuntu linux.
After using it my self i wanted a compact startpanel and thin taskbar.
So after some editing here it is.

VS: ported by Marcel Hoffs (aka Schmoove)
Modded by Roniez

Cursors: xFree cursorset ported to windows by Schmoove

1, Sexy ubuntu by sn33kyP3t3 on ubuntu forums
2, Ubuntu Original by viking on ubuntu forums
© 2005 - 2022 roniez
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morkahve's avatar
can there be any chance to have a "full start menu" (instead of a compact one) with "thin all" optio? because I really loved the VS together with the slim taskbar, but never could like the compact view... in brief, it'd be just gorgeous to have the slim taskbar and a full start menu.