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Mario and pals

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Random idea for Mario character designs I had today
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Zensuke64New Deviant

Great job! Funny, cute, and cool. I love Mario and Luigi's massive schnozzes lol.

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peridive78Hobbyist General Artist


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heh, reminds me when i was a kid and laughed my ass off when i first saw small Luigi in SM2, god that head was so gigantic

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Zensuke64New Deviant

Actually yeah, this is a good representation of when they shrink after taking damage. They do look pretty funny don't they? Lol

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JONNY---0Student General Artist


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ArtAutArtimatedNew Deviant
Oooooo! :D
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hikarushirouHobbyist Digital Artist

They're so cute and dopey! XD But... what about Bowser? 🤔

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ABrightSideHobbyist Writer

Heh, I love how you made the noses even bigger.

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WeaponTheoryHobbyist General Artist


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Awesome designs

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NeoNimbus526Hobbyist Traditional Artist

If there was another Mario RPG game, I wouldn't mind seeing the characters with this design. ;D

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swooperflyHobbyist Digital Artist

alternative title: Mario but the designs are even better (F2U) sparkles

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All four characters from "Super Mario Bros 2"!

I think it's a very underrated game. That game not only introduced Luigi, but it's one of the few games where you can play as Peach.

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Zensuke64New Deviant

I mean it doesn't have a whole style, but they put the SMB2 mushroom in Mario Maker 2 which turns the characters into SMB2 versions, so that's pretty cool.

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Squishy uwu
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thejokeman21New Deviant

thats pretty cute

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thejokeman21New Deviant


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Sam-pieNew Deviant
Aww cute! ☺️
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SkyCrafter1234Hobbyist Artist
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He's sniffin out the gay Bowser
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SkyCrafter1234Hobbyist Artist
I read that wrong at first. I’m glad that it wasn’t right
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OkidokiCharlieHobbyist General Artist

Oh, I absolutely love this~<3

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seems like figurines or dolls. interesting take!

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Cute in a weird way.

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