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Just a doodle of Mandy to warm up I felt like drawing her after i watched 107 facts about her show. I also played with perspective and using a dutch angle to give this a cool look
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I like the little skulls on the hem of her dress

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Little devil child!
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I was just thinking of "5-o'-clock Shadow" yesterday, particularly when Mandy breaks her shadow and makes her into a copy of herself.

And of course the army of Billies
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I seen her before... But idk where.
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The way you draw her reminds me of how Bleedman draws her.
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awesome work on the angel and her expression.
This makes me miss the Grim adventures. 
Awesome work man!
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Oh my god... this is just epic!

You took one of the most badass characters in Cartoon Network and made her even more badass!

And cute!
Like those ominious, hell bent eyes of hers! Which look like they could win a stare off with satan himself!
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Good job dude
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I like the black flames in the background. Really fits in with the whole "Incarnation of evil" thing.
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Shes awesome :lovely: 
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Mandy is from which cartoon show?
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The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
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Pretty cool version of Mandy.
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Let's not forget that she has a double life.... AS BENDY THE INK DEMON.
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Oh my God... it all makes sense now, if Mandy smiles, the world reverts to an older show. It eventually got to the point where they reached the 1920's and Mandy wanted out!
Bill Cipher Illuminati 
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