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Kylie Griffin Process

People seem to be interested in the process when it comes to creating art, I know I am. There is just some thing interesting about seeing something go from a blank page, to squiggles, to something recognizable and then to the final pic. Also some artist seem to get frustrated that their art doesn’t turn out like they want to right away, and I kind of want to show people that art doesn’t just show up fully formed and perfect. Its a series of a steps that reaches a finished pic, not a perfect pic but a finished pic. Ok that’s enough rambling from me.
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Wow you use clip studio too. Man I'm still making my character concepts but your use of the 3D models. Man I didn't think of that, you actually broke molds there. I might need to consider what you're doing.
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It's rare to see the 2nd step.  
Almost like a 3D rendering.
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Oh nice! You're also using 3D models! I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses these to a certain extent. It's nice to see this process in action! Thank you for sharing :)
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This is very cool :)
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Seeing the process helps me allot but as far as i have come I can never seem to catch up with you man. 
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I know the feeling, just don't compare your self to other artist too much, I have made my self feel really bad about my self doing that and its not a good place to be.
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Vary true, and as time goes along Im starting to accept my art for what it is. 
What I took from this is the use of a model, and Honey Select has been vary useful for that. 
As I can customize the girls to match there counterparts. 
It did make the line art for Intaglio allot easier. 
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whats that virtual puppet from?
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What was the average amount of time you spend on a piece like this? :O
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Nice Process dude also i think you can do a character sheet that way too couldn't you hmm?
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I have thought about it
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Cool go for it dude also if you use the character wizard in anime studio to create the characters you can then modify them to match the character sheet i think it would save time on drawing every part of the character plus the bones would already be set up for the character ok.
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just curious do you use wooden mannequins to pose and do your artwork on them?
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I have one, but its range of motion is to limited to really be of any use to me, but its a cool decoration 
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ive got one too i got it from an art store during a trip to texas with my family it was fun and we had a good time and its nice to hear a reply from you ^w^
That-Mario-Kid's avatar
That's exactly how I use them too! Haha. They're so useless if you want anything dynamic. Great thing to have on your shelf though hehe
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Thanks for posting this, these process explanations are enormously helpful. :3
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I can't even get that virtual puppet to pose remotely well
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Nice to see how this drawing was well put. :)
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A quick question, I use the same method when I have art block, but can that be labeled as tracing? Or is tracing only referring to copying another artist's drawing?
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hmmm well the the 3D models are just a tool for artist to use, kine of like those wooden pose-able figures artists can buy to work out poses. The only difference is that its on the computer. But to answer your question, it sort of is tracing but its not the same as like tracing right over another artists work directly.
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Yeah and the final work's not the exact same as the model, thanks :D
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Wait... Did you do the pose of the character... WITH A 3D MODEL?! O.o
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