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Kylie Griffin

Felt like drawing Kylie from Extreme Ghostbusters. I had this pose in mind from start, i really wanted that perspective on her leg. The Bg wasn't planned is is why i kind of went crazy with it. by the time i was done Clip Studio was using like 2k of my computer's memory. Im happy with it in the end
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Kinggigasmon's avatar
Kylie is coolest Ghostbuster!
sav8197's avatar
Wow dude this is awesome XD 
BERNEST's avatar
I love it when you draw kylie. well done. hope you do more.
TaylorsToonAdventure's avatar
Now this is stunning! :D
Vraptor140's avatar
Looks great, you did a lovely work on her.
DaCommissioner's avatar
Wonderful Kylie piece!! :)
DeadCobra's avatar
Mmmm a beauty :lovelyeyes: 
bluchevalier's avatar
Nice pose and colors
NonnyFox's avatar
I don't even remember when the cartoon went off the air in my area. I liked her, she was a goth or goth/tomboy.
Yasha-K's avatar
yanno I have never seen Extream Ghostbusters. 
Awesome pic man! Loven the background. 
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
You've done a wonderful job right here^^ Yes yes very nice job!
XUnlimited's avatar
I remember her more pale.
trilliondollerman's avatar
Look at dat marshmallow man! He's like 'ayyyyyyyyy! :D'
aRBy125's avatar
I actually remember this gal!  EGB was alright, from what I remember.  Thanks for the memories! :)
NeoNimbus526's avatar
I remember watching this show when it first aired.
chaosshade's avatar
Not enough fanart from EGB and even less of Kylie, the best character from it <3
DarkRonin21's avatar
Background came out looking awesome, man
Tableflip-Games's avatar
Gah! You have a real knack for making girls really cartoony-cute and hot at the same time.
HyperVoiceActing's avatar
I take it you like Kylie quite a bit XD
NickyVendetta's avatar
Oh my gosh! You made her so lovely! :love:
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