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Felt like drawing this after i checked out the Ben 10 reboot. I have to say even though I'm not a fan of the new art style i kind of like how i drew Reboot Gwen.

I'm not going to get into if the reboot is good or not, I'm just going to say that it's not for me. And if I feel nostalgic for the original i can always try and track down the DVDs. Though I will say that I hated what they did with Gwen in the follow up series to the original where they said "she's not magic shes 1/4th alien." That just bugged me, i really liked the idea of magic and aliens being their own thing but in the same universe.
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I prefer the 2005 original than the 2017 reboot.

If anyone enjoys the reboot, I respect their opinion.

I like Reboots.

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So many Qwens :icondizzyplz:
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Prefer the reboot. Gwen is much less of an arrogant bitch and more of a normal kid.
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I feel your pain, original Gwen. :comfort: 
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i dont care for the teen ben 10 i prefer the original of him as a kid though i dig this new ben 10 and am a fan of now plus i think its cool that playmates the same guys who made the ninja turtles figures made these characters too and i dig this new style and how they ampt up the humor this i can get into >w<
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Absolute abomination, that other Gwen!
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I strongly agree with the magic thing for Gwen. To me, it felt like her powers got funneled down to nothing in Alien Force...except for making stupid, pink walls and shit. I can tell they really wanted each of the main characters to have some connection to, or literally be part alien. It's as if they could no longer afford to have anything differ from their new formula. But doing that made everything feel stale.

I never watched beyond the first few episodes of Alien Force so I don't know if they ever did anything like that to Hex the sorcerer or Charmcaster. But if they did? Then that sucks. If not? Great. But not great enough to get me to watch the new shows. I once had a conversation with :iconcheza-belle: about this on one of her drawings Little Magician by Cheza-Belle  and she says everything after the original series felt so cringe-worthy that it made her sad. She's a big Ben 10 fan too and her stuff is great.
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Ha, nice! I like the look on there faces! :D Good job! :thumbsup:
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I'll stick with the original timeline ben 10 cartoons, pre reboot
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While I don't think the Ben 10 reboot deserved to be made, I will admit that Ben and Gwen had some rather cute redesigns at least.
But that's where the compliments end.
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"she's not magic shes 1/4th alien." 

Same here I didn't like how in Alien Force the explanation for everything was aliens. Their weren't any people that obtained powers from random mutations or magic; even all the weird gadgets various villains and groups used weren't developed independently almost all of it was tech down streamed from aliens. 

I haven't watch the newest series at all but the old was one of my favorite cartoons. Also good job on the art.
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The reboot is...okay. It's evident to me that the Cartoon Network reboots are getting better one small fraction at a time (TTG is fucking garbage, PPG is terrible, but occasionally has something decent, and Ben 10 is just okay), hopefully meaning that, 20 something years from now, we'll get a really good Codename Kids or Billy & Mandy reboot. 

......Or CN will just continue to suck. 
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I mean to be fair, we don't really have a right to complain at all. They're meant for kids rather than long-time fans, the object was never to replace the old stuff. They're all completely new adaptations of classic shows for a new generation with different tastes and interests.

That said, I must admit that while Teen Titans GO is stupid, the immature child in me appreciates it for what it is. I've only seen one episode of the new PPG, but I thought it felt pretty close to the old cartoon, maybe slightly faster in pacing. As for Ben 10... haven't seen a thing. I've gotten an ad or two on YouTube about a few of the aliens' home world and culture, which I found pretty neat.
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Original Gwen is not impressed with her reboot counterpart.
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Sure, make the girl have magical alien superpowers.
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Because her grammy or grampy has to be an alien.
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Thank you, someone else who doesn't like that they made Gwen's powers be alien instead of magic in the following series! I thought I was the only one. :D
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To me, her new look isn't bad but the art style just makes me want to avert my eyes away from the TV screen. I was bothered by the whole alien origin of Gwen's powers in Alien Force too. It needlessly complicated how her powers worked, instead of just the simple explanation of "it's magic". 

The story that my mind is making for this picture is that Gwen must of had a massive amount of sugar and is now hallucinating an extremely happy, cartoony version of herself.
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I love the way you drew both of them. They're both so very cute.

As for the reboot, 99% of what Comedy Network puts out is garbage, and the remaining 1% is only on Saturday night, so I naturally have no interest in their attempt to Teen Titans Go-ify another show from their past like they did to PPG.
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Classic Gwen: "What the heck did they do to me?"
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