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Dragon Ball Laras

So i picked up Dragon Ball Fusions for 3DS a few days ago, and in that game you can make your own characters so I made Lara. I then go the idea to draw my Lara from Fusions with my Lara from Xenoverse, and their size differences gave me the idea for this cute pic.
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I like the idea that saiyans have actually just dark red eyes. My saiyan character from Xenoverse also dons them. 
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The lines are very clean 0_0
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This is so cute!
Aww I wish I had a nintendo 3DS too =(
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amazing job
so cute X3
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I see lil' LAra likes her saiyan armor.
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yup she wears a female saiyan top with earthling pants and shoes
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She a member of the Frieza Force or she just like it?
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That's awesome! The game is addicting :)
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Oh yeah this is awesome! Great work on this overall!
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Ah, this is such an adorable moment. :3
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They're so snuggly!
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