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Felt like drawing Call from Mighty No 9, also used this as a chance to mess with thinner lineart and coloring the lineart
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I love the character design for MN9. Almost makes me wish there was a sequel.

Hey, maybe it'll be good this time?
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Cool picture!
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JustinRichardEXStudent Digital Artist

That almost mistakened me by Blossom! LOL!

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DragonGirl658Hobbyist Digital Artist
awww she is adorable
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I still have yet to work with the gameplay, but I always found the characters and story of Mighty No. 9 to be absolutely fascinating. : D

I like Call's design, and you did a great job with the picture!
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Tindyflow General Artist
Thank you for reminding me that I have to draw her again. ^^
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drake-rexHobbyist Writer
Big surprise seeing Call on the front page. Glad to see her getting some love <3
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I actually kinda loved that character. :P
Great work with her.

Man, I feel sorry for Mr. Inafune.
Actually, what happened to him? :(
I haven't heard from him in a while.
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TuxedoMoroboshiHobbyist General Artist
Comcept got bought by another company (I forget the company's name, though) and Inafune's position in the company was changed. Last I heard, he's in charge of the mobile division.
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So he is a shadow of his former self, in a tragic way.
And given by just how many people want to see his head rolling over this honest mistake...
It's just sad. :(
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TuxedoMoroboshiHobbyist General Artist
Ya, it is pretty sad. As someone that actually enjoyed the game, I actually wouldn't mind a sequel to MN9, especially if it addresses any of the issues people have with the first one, but the way everything's gone down, I feel it's extremely unlikely it'll ever happen. No, I disagree! 
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guitarsword15Hobbyist Writer
Isn't she adorable?
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Call looks so kawaii
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GalaxyVortexProfessional Photographer
She was also in Mighty Gunvolt Burst, a way better game than Mighty No. 9. Awesome job on the art by the way. :clap:
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HeyRay5008Hobbyist Digital Artist
looks like Blossom from ppg
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HeyRay5008Hobbyist Digital Artist
even like from PPGZ
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ikigaikuuProfessional Digital Artist
The colored lineart looks really nice!
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Boojie-BakerHobbyist Photographer
Some still remembers MN9, wow.
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KidoKoalaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Call looks sexy!
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I've never seen Call before (that I can remember at least (actually, I feel like I HAVE seen her, but I just totally forgot)). She looks like a cross between Roll from Mega Man (obviously) and the Powerpuff Girls Z version of Blossom.
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MetalSonic30Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Seeing you draw Call now makes me wish you drew Trinity in your style too... Y'know, her "human" form from the ending. (The one based on the "Call D" design by Inafune.)…
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NickMaster64Hobbyist Digital Artist
cutie pie ;p
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XmarkZXHobbyist Traditional Artist


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