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Published: October 4, 2016
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I had a different picture planned for today but then i got some Copic Markers. It was my first time using the markers and I didn't want to risk messing up a picture I already like with out color so I did a quick pic of Aang to test them out. I have to say I enjoyed using the Copics, even though the strong smell almost made me vom after awhile.

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KinggigasmonHobbyist Traditional Artist
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drake-fighter-0127Hobbyist Writer
Amazing work on Aang!
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ah wow totally awesome! wicked job doing this!
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artbox99Hobbyist General Artist
I love your style and the angle is really cool! :D
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Spike-WashingtonHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Yasha-KHobbyist Traditional Artist
Man oh man do I miss Aang! 
TLAB was the Best of Avatar. Sad I cant say the same for LOK. 
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AzureRatHobbyist Digital Artist
I'd still say Avatar is better than Korra.
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Yasha-KHobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree, I thank it is because TLAB has a primary villain all the way theru, although we only saw the fire lord near the end. 
LOK had one if not a few per seasion...And yah after she lost her powers the second time I was out. 
I mean it was nice they gave us the history of the avatar...
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AzureRatHobbyist Digital Artist
I think Korra failed as successor series of Aang.
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Yasha-KHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh It DID! 
They had the right idea but LOK lacked certain qualities that made TLAB strong.

I could likely write a hole massive spew on where the creators jump off the tracks. 
That's is the short version  

I mentioned one, No singular villain.
The fire lord had character, the fire nation had purpose.
We where shown one side of them both at first but as the series progressed they pealed back the layers to expose the fire nation as a not all bad. Wile the fire lord turned out to be REALLY Evil. 
Aang found a way of dealing with the fire lord with out killing him which was his biggest struggle. By the end theru Zuko, the fire nation is even redeemed.
Now compared that to the many many villains who are mostly a threat because they one way or another remove Korra's power or poison her...Her banking on all the people around her instead.  
Like yanno who knew the avatar was so easily dealt with.  

That was the biggest problem. Korra DIDN'T struggle.
Her powers where always dealt with removed of hindered, but her friends came in to pick up the slack. 
Aang had Sokka Katara and Toph yah but they fought with him.
When Aang failed THEY failed too, (fall of ba sing sae, the failed Invasion) Both times thay worked together and picked each other back up and grew stronger.

What did we get with Korra, Lots and Lots of her self pity. Her friends picking up the slack. 
She fails they keep right on going without her. She wins, its time to move onto the next bad guy...
Lets toss in a hole bunch of old TLAB characters and explore everyone who ISN'T the avatar. 

A change of pace can be nice, but in LOK case it went right off the rails and crashed into a revive.
Which was sad because the show had so much potential.

I didn't even watch the end of the series, I heard it was aweful.  
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AzureRatHobbyist Digital Artist
I only saw Korra first season and I thought it was ok but didn't really make me want to watch the other seasons.  And I've heard the end was awful too but that may be base on everyone's opinion.

Think story is just much smoother and better in TLAB.  The main characters are much younger compared to the main cast in Korra.  Not to mention we have Sokka and Toph which are very likable team members and we have straight romance of Katara as well.  Zuko is pretty cool the way he is and story overall just better to me.

I would watch Korra if I had nothing else to watch but I would rewatch TLAB because it is a great series.
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Yasha-KHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yah the romances where way to forced too in LOK. 
Aang and Katara chemistry was mixed but it makes sense as they spent a year together. 
Only really coming together at the end of it all. 
We see Zuko have something with May but we see them go theru scruffs too. 
Same with Socca and Suki.

The romance wasn't the focus, it was something that just happened on the side, which worked.
LOK made the romance one of the focuses and that helped it off the rails sadely.  
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This is very well
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littlelonepineHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! That's a weird coincidence! I bought some Copic Markers yesterday and tested them out with a picture of Aang!

Perhaps we're telepathically linked ;P
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JacktheCat779Student General Artist
Maybe I should get some copic markers one day.
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NeoNimbus526Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great job drawing Aang.
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RocatArtHobbyist Digital Artist
I have a cat named Aang. He air bends all the litter out of the litter box ¬.¬
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JSGEntertainmentProfessional General Artist
Nice job on Aang.
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kyrtuckHobbyist General Artist
Nice!  You haven't drawn him for a long time.
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ofrankie12Student Artist
beatuful pciture of aang, look cute as EVER!!!!!!!!!LOVE THE PICTURE!!!!! AANG FOR EVER!!!!!!!
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This is an amazing take on Aang. I love it.
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