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Jewel Live2D Live Wallpaper for Android (Promo 1)

All of my OC girls in my live2D live wallpaper app…

full video with all 3 character and 4 outfit each :…
2nd video demonstrating usage :

Artwork created with CLIP STUDIO (manga studio) , Coded with Eclipse & Live2D Android SDK

- Minimum Android 4.2.1 (Jelly Bean)
- This live wallpaper does not create launcher icon, to activate, navigate to your device's setting-display-live wallpaper section.
- You can setup the battery percentage detection through wallpaper settings (different expressions)
- She also have different expression when you shake your device, tilt device, plug-in charger.
- You can set up the time for Jewel to change outfit (as day and night) on the settings
- You can also specify your own custom background, however, the image must be in square (1:1 aspect), and preferably in PNG format. 
The settings for the custom background will select images from your phone gallery. Size is restricted to 512x512 or 1024x1024 in pixel.
- The live wallpaper is intended for portrait use, might not work well on tablets.
- Optimized for phone device only, performance may vary with tablets and other gadgets.
- Yes, there is one ad banner, but only as a banner and visible only at wallpaper settings.
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© 2016 - 2021 ronggo
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favorit, jane versi night dress :>
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hahahahaha I agree with you there too XD
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hahahah sekali pasang yg itu langsung jatuh hati, sebelumnya favoritnya jewel yg leather jacket :>
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heheheh, lagi mau coba revisi lagi nih.. kemarin2 sibuk fokus ke jewel, mungkin sekarang ke Jane, juga baru nemu "bug" rada sadis.. kalo kita diemin selama 3-4 hari atau lebih, tanpa ganti2 setting, lancar sih lancar tapi ternyata makan memorinya (ram HP) numpuk, lagi cari solusi sementara dulu. (satu2nya cara sekarang cuma restart wallpaper untuk clear, tapi itu bukan solusi tapi masalah :( )
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di android saya malah bisanya cuma sehari aja live wallpapernya abis itu revert ke default wallpaper, harus ngeset dari awal lagi tiap bangun tidur, jadi malah belum sempat ngerasain bugnya :)
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wooooo tq banget laporannya, tq banget broo , hehehe
boleh tau versi androidnya? merek hp kalo perlu , berguna utk cari tau bugnya yg cuma sehari itu
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hp vandroid, android versi 4.4 /kitkat
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woo ok bro tq!!
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