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Lets Have Some Fun! (KageKao cosplay) by Rone187 Lets Have Some Fun! (KageKao cosplay) :iconrone187:Rone187 14 4 Nothing Much (Kitto + Leonardo Rigel) by Rone187 Nothing Much (Kitto + Leonardo Rigel) :iconrone187:Rone187 4 0 Sanitarium (Jessy Black) by Rone187 Sanitarium (Jessy Black) :iconrone187:Rone187 11 5 Dissolve (Clipper Pax) by Rone187 Dissolve (Clipper Pax) :iconrone187:Rone187 9 0 Blood On The Water - Red Face  by Rone187 Blood On The Water - Red Face :iconrone187:Rone187 1 0 Hunter Martin  by Rone187 Hunter Martin :iconrone187:Rone187 5 1 City Boy (Ace Druitt) by Rone187 City Boy (Ace Druitt) :iconrone187:Rone187 8 6 City of Lights (gift art) by Rone187 City of Lights (gift art) :iconrone187:Rone187 2 1 Life Hack (Clover Burns) by Rone187 Life Hack (Clover Burns) :iconrone187:Rone187 9 0 Welcome to the Circus by Rone187 Welcome to the Circus :iconrone187:Rone187 7 5 Bounty (Circus Comic) by Rone187 Bounty (Circus Comic) :iconrone187:Rone187 4 0 Pinned Down (ink drawing) by Rone187 Pinned Down (ink drawing) :iconrone187:Rone187 2 0 Returning The Favor by Rone187 Returning The Favor :iconrone187:Rone187 6 0 Blue Glass by Rone187 Blue Glass :iconrone187:Rone187 4 0 Proxy Necklace by Rone187 Proxy Necklace :iconrone187:Rone187 1 2 Spider Man 2099 by Rone187 Spider Man 2099 :iconrone187:Rone187 4 1


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Lets Have Some Fun! (KageKao cosplay)
So... usually my sisters the one to cosplay KageKao, but since she wasn't around for the con I borrowed it and made a few adjustments. Tried to make it look little closer to KageKao's updated design. 

Nothing Much (Kitto + Leonardo Rigel)
This piece is all pen work featuring two of my own characters, Kitto (the one with the ears) and Leonardo Rigel a walking nuclear hazard. Both of these men live in a completely different timeline where the Cold War became World War 3. After which technology advanced to the point where humans were capable of creating the N.O.A.L (Non Organic Artificial Lifeforms). Beings who's body's are comprised of nanotechnology rather than flesh and blood, each one is essentially immortal unless their core or heart is destroyed. Around the same time as the N.O.A.L creation the third war reached its peak and also its end, with the release of multiple nuclear weapons the world was plunged into an post apocalyptic state. While at the same time a rift was opened allowing in the supernatural and other things that go bump in the night.
Date finished 1/26/2019

Sanitarium (Jessy Black)
This piece took me about a month of on and off work, overall I'm proud of how it turned out. The character featured in this is one of my own, his names Jessy Black, and the other this is a... thing... I'm really not sure what its supposed to be. Any how this entire piece is all pen work, and a bit of light photo editing.
Can anyone find the reference in the picture?
Here's a hint, it's a metal band. 
This was finished on 10/25/2018.

Dissolve (Clipper Pax)
A mixture of traditional and digital art featuring my Transformers OC. (might write more later about this)

Hey People,

Don't know if any one actually reads this, but so what it’s story time! Just to set the scene I’ll give you the outline of what was going on before this story begins. This was all on January 7, 2018 so it could have been considered an early birthday resent. Location wise it all happened two hours south of Sacramento, a three hour drive from where I live. To start it all of my day began with me getting up at 4:00 in the morning for a Volleyball tournament on Sunday morning and then finishing with the tournament around 7:00 at night.

This is where the story starts. My dad and I were finally heading home when we decided to stop for dinner. Our choice of the day? Jack in the Box. Pulling on to the freeway off ramp we were waiting for the light to change when we saw it. Running across the intersection towards us was a dog!  After watching it almost get hit twice I’d had enough, throwing my door open I called the dog to me. (Looking back on it I realize that wasn't a very smart idea.) When I open my door the dog tried to jump up into my lap but only succeeded in laying its bloody paws across my lap. Freaking out I let my dad lift her up onto my lap where she staid until we finally reached a Jack in the Box. She then proceeded to craw all over the cars interior sniffing out food scraps, meanwhile tracking blood everywhere, until my dad gave her a left over breakfast burrito. Did I mention that she let me pull old foil out of her mouth with zero fuss? After finally getting dinner we proceed to drive the three hours home with our new dog, Emma. That is…after my dad almost got us lost by going in the opposite direction. 

Getting home we all quickly learned that Emma was not house broke, and that this skinny starved dog had probably already been hit due to small amounts of internal bleeding we noticed. After taking her to both the groomers and the vets we had two not so shocking discoveries. One, she was only a puppy, probably around a year old. Two, she was a bait dog. This was proven by the scars around he neck and on her chest, if you don't know what a bait dog is it's a dog which gets chained up in order to be bait for larger dogs in dog fights. 

It was soon that we realized Emma wasn't a good fit for our family, this was when she attacked two of our three dogs unprovoked, and we had to split them up each time. As thing steadily got worse my family and I realized that we needed to find her a new and safer home, because as much as we loved having Emma around and she was an awesome dog with people, chances were if she hurt one of our pets we’d probably kill her. Finally last Monday we found her a home with a wonderful new family. They have a young male of her same breed, their called Pocket Pitts, and figured he needed a companion. Now Emma can be the only female dog of the family with another her age to play with. All in all having Emma with us was a blast and I don't think I’d mind fostering another dog in the future, just make sure it’s not a female Pitt Bull this time. 

On a side note has any one played Left 4 Dead? Because if you have you probably know what a Hunter sounds like right? Well, Emma has damaged vocal cords, and when she starts to wine or growl it sounds like a freaking Hunter. The first time I heard it, I almost freaked because I also relate that sound to Mountain Lions. Lets just say thats not something you want to hear right behind you.

I hope you liked this bit of story time, if you want I can post more stories. And for any one whose concerned I'm connected with Emma’s new family on FaceBook, I’m constantly getting updates. Emmas the brown dog in the pic.

Catch you soon!


embedded_item1518155823852 by Rone187


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Welcome to my Network... it's a pleasure to meet you all. You can all call me M.C. Unfortunately I'm not a professional artist, if I do get a commission its usually from someone I know IRL. In other words I make absolutely nothing of off any of the work I have on here.

Art wise I work in multiple different mediums. This includes ceramics, paper mache, print making, drawing with both pen and pencil, and occasionally digital art. I also enjoy crafts, short story writing and cosplay. Outside of art I'm a college student studying Marine Biology and Small Vessel Operations in a dual program.

You can also find me on multiple Amino under the name Ace Druitt. I'm most active on Creepypasta TM and MrCreepypasta. There I work art trades and RP, or just chat.



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