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Royal Portrait -WoF


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Royal Portrait -WoF


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Perfect day for a picnic

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beach pen drawing

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Field of Flowers


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Aezae's Tales Chapter 7 Cover


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How to THINK when you draw COLLARS QUICK TIP!


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Nebula OC Ref Sheet!


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Concluding Origins, chapter 6

"I'm sorry," Phyre said as Cascade finished venting. It turns out Cascade felt inferior to Phyre because of the way their parents treated them. They favored Phyre and barely paid attention to Cascade unless they were telling her what to do. Cascade almost never got to do anything fun or have a decent childhood, while Phyre got to play with their friends everyday. Cascade was known as the reckless child growing up, and their parents would always punish her and her only, despite Phyre doing some wrong too. To top it all off, Phyre agreed with the parenting they got. Their parents excused all of Cascade's punishment with her recklessness, and told Phyre she only needed to learn from her sister, since she is the younger one of the two. "You're pathetic." Cascade spat. "You let them manipulate and spoil you, and look how you turned out." "Why didn't you tell me all this before?" Phyre asked. "We used to have a good relationship. You could've talked to me." "I tried


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