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  • Reading: Merry Chrissy and the Naughty or Nice Truth
If you haven't noticed, I'm working on another book "Merry Chrissy and the After Christmas Awakening", sequel to "Merry Chrissy and the Naughty or Nice Truth". It is a middle grade children's novel with all the writing AND illustrations done by yours truly. A lot of the major milestones have been completed, but editing and proofreading still need to be done. Expect for it to be released later this year during the holiday season. You can receive updates and learn more by going to this link.…

Keep in mind, this is a direct sequel to Merry Chrissy. I strongly suggest reading the first book as it refers to events from that installment.

In personal news, I recently returned back from California for vacation. It was exciting and exhausting. I visited two cities; San Francisco and Los Angeles. In LA, I mostly hanged out at Disneyland and D23 Expo. As a huge Disney fan, there is nothing like visiting Walts original kingdom. I'm an east coaster who is a former Disney Cast Member at Disney World years ago and the magic of Disney truly is a big part of me (and my art!)

As I said before, I'm not going to table at any cons this year. Next year...maybe. I'm attending NYCC just for funsies this year...and probably years after that. Hate to be pessimistic, but I have no chance of getting a table there...YET.

In the coming days, you may notice some changes to my account. No, I'm not leaving DA, but some older deviations that do not conform to my standards will eventually be removed, including some fanart. 

I'm on Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr and as always.
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