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  • Reading: Merry Chrissy and the Naughty or Nice Truth
If you haven't noticed, I'm working on another book "Merry Chrissy and the After Christmas Awakening", sequel to "Merry Chrissy and the Naughty or Nice Truth". It is a middle grade children's novel with all the writing AND illustrations done by yours truly. A lot of the major milestones have been completed, but editing and proofreading still need to be done. Expect for it to be released later this year during the holiday season. You can receive updates and learn more by going to this link.…

Keep in mind, this is a direct sequel to Merry Chrissy. I strongly suggest reading the first book as it refers to events from that installment.

In personal news, I recently returned back from California for vacation. It was exciting and exhausting. I visited two cities; San Francisco and Los Angeles. In LA, I mostly hanged out at Disneyland and D23 Expo. As a huge Disney fan, there is nothing like visiting Walts original kingdom. I'm an east coaster who is a former Disney Cast Member at Disney World years ago and the magic of Disney truly is a big part of me (and my art!)

As I said before, I'm not going to table at any cons this year. Next year...maybe. I'm attending NYCC just for funsies this year...and probably years after that. Hate to be pessimistic, but I have no chance of getting a table there...YET.

In the coming days, you may notice some changes to my account. No, I'm not leaving DA, but some older deviations that do not conform to my standards will eventually be removed, including some fanart. 

I'm on Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr and as always.
  • Reading: Merry Chrissy and the Naughty or Nice Truth
2014 was quite a crazy, yet normal year for me. Sure, I spent much of my free time working on my first novel, and attended 4 cons (My 14th straight year of attending at least 1 convention), but largely it was drama and controversy free. Maybe being busy with work and projects is good, but I still look to improve other aspects of my life. I'm not a big fan of New Years Resolutions and I'm certainly not a fan of avoiding what needs to be taken care of, but let's put it in these simple words: there are other personal issues I need to address. As I'm a very private person, I wish not to discuss them at this time.

That doesn't mean I'm going to take a huge time off from my interests. This era of creativity has profoundly changed me. I look to aiming higher and higher than ever before. My art has and will always be a work of progression. I'm my worst critic. I'm never satisfied sometimes. There are many sketches and even fully colored artwork that may never see the light of day because I feel it's simply too awful or rough. I'll just keep at it. Drawing is now a habit for me, but still managing to learn as much as I can. I don't want to be mediocre. I don't want to be just good. I want to be legendary. When will that day arrive when I become pro at this, I may never know. Who knows, I might fold up shop like I did with photography a few years back, but this time is different. I'm more patient and tolerant of failure as I'm older now. Greatness and success does not come overnight.

In order to get me finances in order for the future, I will not be making any appearances art wise at any conventions. I really wanted to get into MoCCA Fest for example, but I missed the registration deadline (again!) So, it's best for me to take the year "off".

Anyways, with the first Merry Chrissy title in the books, it's time to focus on book number two. Yes, a sequel to "Merry Chrissy and the Naughty or Nice Truth" is currently in the early stages of production. Right now, I can't say when it's going to come out, but "soon" is the the most concrete release date I can say right now. The outlining is done and the first few chapters were already written. Come follow me on Twitter or Tumblr to find out future developments. Don't forget, there is always my mailing list!
  • Reading: Merry Chrissy and the Naughty or Nice Truth

It took 8 months to get to this stage. What was once a NaNoWriMo project turned into something bigger and badder. I still have a long way to go until it's finished, but it's getting closer to realization. 

The project is no longer known as #naughtyornice.

From here on, it will be referred to this name:

Merry Chrissy and the Naughty or Nice Truth.

A prototype printed paperback version. Artwork not final.

A prototype printed paperback version. Artwork not final.


9-year old Chrissy Deigh is obsessed with all things Christmas. She love Christmas so much, she spreads her Christmas cheer year round. While her Mother and grownups tolerate it, her classmates tease her endlessly. On one fateful day, a mysterious woman appears out of nowhere in her bedroom with an offer she can't refuse - an opportunity to work for the North Pole finding out if kids are Naughty or Nice. While the job has the perks of using magic and getting to meet Santa, there are many...shall we say "Naughty or Nice" situations she faces...all while trying to survive 4th grade.

The production of "Merry Chrissy" from the cover, to the illustrations are done entirely by me. As with my previous titles, it will be published both in eBook and paperback format. As of right now, the paperback will likely be done through Createspace. As for the digital formats, it is likely to be available at least on Amazon (Kindle) and iBooks, with more stores to follow (Google Play, BN, Kobo, etc). Because it is a title heavily associated with Christmas, it will be released later this year. I'm keeping this release date vague in case there are any snags along the way, but I have an ideal of a specific time frame for much of the work to be done. The artwork in the book is about a 3rd of the way done and the story itself currently going through it's 4th revision. This revision is much more structural, removing typos and changing words and phrases here and there. (Protip: DON'T turn "Smart Quotes" on your Mac or you'll spend many hours fixing quotation marks!)

This is my heart and soul written here. This title is a total reflection of my feelings towards the holiday season, bullying and how one deals with being labeled as different, something that a lot of people can relate to. In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to reveal more about the project. Be sure to bookmark and sign up for updates on the site. 

You can also follow Merry Chrissy on Twitter. Other social networks are coming soon!

Be sure to follow me on TwitterTumblrGoogle+ and Pinterest for updates as well.

Bye for now and have a merry day!

  • Reading: My Book

This is what I would describe what I'm doing art wise. The novel that I'm writing, code named "Naughty or Nice" is coming together quite nicely. It's in it's 3rd revision. Compared to the first revision, it has been a much easier time fixing things. Of course, you still have your spelling errors here and there that get corrected, but you can't find everything wrong at one go for a novel that is currently at 62,000 words. To give you a comparison, the first "Harry Potter" novel is 76,944 words long, so I don't expect to reach that amount. I expect to finish up the writing sometime in June and may look for beta readers and possibly editing if the price is right.

In addition to writing, I also begun drawing the illustrations that accompany each chapter. The book is currently at 35 chapters, so expect roughly 70 or so illustrations drawn. I don't have much time to finish them, so it's going to be awhile until I do fan art, or anything else. I may have some time to do a sketch every now and then and my occasional "Copic Experiments", but most of my time is focused on getting my art done for the book. This is definitely a children's book, but calling it such is kind of limiting. I prefer calling it "all ages", but the target audience is really for ages 9 and up.  

For those that aren't in the know about what I'm writing and drawing about (and I tend to keep a lot of things under wraps these days), this is a story about a girl who love Christmas year around. Kids in school tease her for it and make her life miserable. Things change when a mysterious person comes into her bedroom and tells her she is capable of helping out in the North Pole in preparation for the holidays. I can't say that much right now, but a lot more details will be unveiled SOON. I just registered the domain that features the FINAL name of the "brand" that it will represent. I'm expecting a Fall 2014 release, just in time for the holiday season. After all, it IS related to Christmas.

My plans for the summer is like this. In June, I will attend Big Apple Ponycon, Connecticon in "Artists Colony" (my ONLY AA appearance this year!) and BronyCon. Also, I certainly will be at the Mermaid Parade in Brooklyn as always as it's a summer tradition for me to attend. Once I'm completed with this project, I will focus on what's next in 2015. I certainly want to table more events closer to home in the NYC area.

Remember to keep on drawing stuff!


I am very active on Twitter and you can also follow me on Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+. In fact, you will see my stuff posted on these sites before DeviantArt in most cases.

No. I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, I've been busy. I also needed to get away from DA for a bit. If you used some of my groups, I regret to inform you that I closed them down due to lack of time. I work a full time job and I'm extremely lucky if I'm able to draw after work if I'm not tired. I'm still drawing in my sketchbook and I do have some artwork down the pipeline planned, both original and fanart. I've been writing a lot more than before. In fact, I did NaNoWriMo back in November and won! Now, I'm working on editing and revising this novel. What is this novel you speak of? It's called "Naughty or Nice" (working title). It's about a kid named "Chrissy Deigh" who celebrates Christmas EVERY DAY and somehow discovers how to use magic for a very important reason. I'm planning to release the book later this year (Targeted for the 4th quarter of 2014). In the words of Vanellope Von Schweetz "It's gonna need a LOT of work". This time, I really want to get it REALLY published by an actual publisher. It's going to need several revisions and I'm going to need Beta readers to get an idea if what I'm doing is great or not. So far, I think what I'm doing is going to be special and I want the world to see it. Even if I don't get it published for really real, it's going to come out one way or another. Illustrations will also be included, but story matters over any drawing I do for the book. I may not start those until Spring at the earliest.

Of course, that means the future of Maddie Mckenszie is on hold. I was going to start work on Maddie book III, but Chrissy has more priority. She will day. The road map is like this. Two more Maddie books and a webcomic focusing on Princess Penelope. I may do a "beta" webcomic sometime this year, but I want to make sure I'm not being overloaded.

I am very active on Twitter and you can also follow me on Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+. In fact, you will see my stuff posted on these sites before DeviantArt in most cases.

For the first time EVER. I will be selling 11x17 prints of my artwork at an Artist Alley. Personally, I wish conventions like these were closer to home on Long Island. It get's tiring having to drive 4+ hours just to showcase your stuff. The New York Area really sucks for "middle ground" artists like me to showcase. NYCC wants $500 bucks for a table and seem to prefer comic industry types over amatuer artists. That's why I kinda lament the loss of NYAF since it allowed the little guys a chance to shine, even if it was put in the "corner" left to rot away from the important big American comic industry. 

Enough of the ranting. DrawCon is a different kind of convention. A con that is focused on Western Animation. It is a first year con, so I'm nervous and optimistic at the same time. It's pretty inexpensive to go, only $45 bucks and goes on from Nov 1-2 in Nashua, NH. Nausha just across the border of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, so if you want to buy stuff, remember everything is tax FREE! (Technically, you're supposed to report the taxes come tax time, but does anyone do that?)

My art print quantities are EXTREMELY LIMITED, so don't hesitate to make a decision to buy. Of course, my original children's picture book series Maddie Mckenszie will also be on sale.
No, it's not the intervention that involves ending a drug addiction with lots of crying involved. It's InterventionCON in Rockville, MD!The premier convention for online creativity. Maddie Mckenszie will be featured in their artist alley. Both Maddie books will be on sale, plus a few surprises await. If you're in the D.C. Area, go ahead and check it out and support true independent content! Intervention takes place at the "Hilton Washington DC/Rockville Hotel and Executive Metting Center" this weekend, August 23-25th!

Of course, if you need a reason to attend, people like the founder of Boing Boing, a former Disney Animator/Podcaster and GeekDad will be there. Of course, the REAL reason why you would attend is because of Maddie!

Finally the day has come! The second title in the Maddie Mckenszie book series "Maddie Mckenszie and the BAD Birthday Party Manners" is NOW available for your reading pleasure! It's my honor to introduce to the world the continuing adventures of 5-year old Maddie, 12-year old big sister Margaret and her parents and friends.

To borrow from a previous blog post the synopsis:

Maddie is celebrating her 5th birthday. However, last year's Birthday party was…a little rough. She had a nasty Temper Tantrum and a BIG mess was made. Maddie this year wants a fancy Tea Party for her birthday. Obviously Maddie's parents and big sister Margaret are a bit hesitant in making those wishes come true, but they all approve it on ONE condition - her manners MUST IMPROVE. Maddie's friends and family assist in teaching her good manners which may or may not involve disastrous results. Is outside help needed? Will they make Maddie turn from a little brat into a distinguished young lady in a short amount of time? Let's find out!

This is was a process in total that took nearly 7 months to produce from the preliminary manuscripts down to the covers. The book is 34 pages long, designed for young readers around Maddie's age. Of course, if you're out of the targeted demographic (other wise known as a "big kid") I wouldn't mind.

Right now, you can obtain "Maddie Mckenszie and the BAD Birthday Party Manners" in two ways. This time, is the exclusive "launch partner" and you can purchase a paperback version online for only $7.60. That's less than some of those children's books made by some of those big, monolithic publishing houses. The eBook version is currently available ONLY on the Kindle store right now for $2.99 (Due to the size of the book, I'm forced to charge that price, the lowest I can.) If you have a Amazon Prime account, you can download this book for FREE for a limited time only. You can use the Kindle version with the Kindle Fire, iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mac, Windows and toasters. (I was kidding about the toasters.)

This book and the original title "Maddie Mckenszie: The Most ANNOYING Little Sister Ever!" will be featured at "Intervention - The Premier Showcase of Online Creativity." in Rockville MD (That's near Washington D.C. for those not familiar with the area.) Friday August 23-Sunday August 25 in their Artist Alley. 

It's getting really, REALLY close to being finished. My second picture book, "Maddie Mckenszie and the BAD Birthday Party Manners" is in the final stages of being finished. Pretty much small tweaks and grammar are being corrected. I have the first proof and I'm ready to get the second proof printed out. If all goes well, it will go "GOLD" by the end of the month. It's quite convenient because it's right before my vacation from work. I'm literally off for about a 3rd of the month of August. I am so eternally grateful for having a job that allows me to take this time off.

I have already attended Connection this year. It's a "multi-genre" con that covers a bunch of nerd fandoms. I wish I socialized a bit more there. Maybe I was a little bitter on missing out on Artist Alley. That won't happen next year. I will be attending Bronycon in Baltimore, MD Aug 1-3rd. I don't feel I would fit in the vendors room, so I doubt I will do that even if given a last minute table. I need more Pony art. I can always "level up" for 2014. I also decided to go Otakon (Aug 9-11th) this year crazy as it sounds. It's the 20th anniversary so it gives me an excuse to go. Not big on Anime these days but the door is always open.

The BIG BIG EVENT at the end of August personally for me is Intervention Aug 23-25th. I actually will be doing an Artist Alley there for the FIRST time promoting Maddie Mckenszie. Both my first book "Maddie Mckenszie: The Most ANNOYING Little Sister Ever!" and the new "Maddie Mckenszie and the BAD Birthday Party Manners" will be on sale. I expect to have some freebies and a special giveaway for special people that weekend. (HINT: It's in one of the titles) Stay tuned!
Hey. It's me again.

I might have said something about this, I really don't do DA Journals that much these days. I really don't find much purpose in them, but I guess I'll give it another go. Consider this as kind of a "road map" of what I'm going to do in the next 12 months or so.

Updates on Maddie Mckenszsie

Book sales are not going as well as planned. I am offering a free download only on iBooks to drum up interest. I'm not deterred by the fact that the book is doing poorly. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I will never give up. I'm looking to have a cheaper paperback version in the not too distant future for sale. I'm looking into getting the cover re-designed. Not annoying enough. There are THREE books planned. A sequel is currently in the sketching/manuscript stages. I'm hoping it comes out this summer if artblock doesn't set in.


Princess has a backstory and such, some ideas about characters written down. I don't expect this to come out 'til 2014 the earliest. Need to figure out a game plan to make my work flow efficient and not make it suck at the same time.


I have a HUGE master list that I want to tackle. I WILL EVENTUALLY MAKE A RETURN to doing pony art. Focus is on Mane 6 and CMC, possibly other favorites. It gets boring just drawing Pinkie Pie and Twist.


Big Apple Ponycon, Connecticon and Bronycon are a go. Attende only (could not get a table in time for Connecticon, anyone willing to share?) Possibly thinking about attending Otakon Fri or Sat ONLY. I was thinking about getting a table for BAP, but I don't have a lot of pony art done. (That's why I'm focusing on Mane 6 and CMC). There is 1 con that I will have more info about in the future, just not ready to announce it yet. (HINT: It involves a table.)
"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. " - Walt Disney

I've been incognito artwise for the past month or so. If you follow me on Twitter (and you REALLY should do so) I started to make cryptic tweets about something called #projectsprinkles. I began a project around early July and finally put the finishing touches on it not long ago. It's a project that I hold near and dear to me. A project that more than 3 years ago I would never DREAM of doing. Intuition and determination set me through. I spent many days and nights, writing, sketching drawing, re-writing, fine tuning and finally I feel the time is ready. As the late Steve Jobs once said "Real artists ship." so that's why I held off on announcing  anything that was incomplete.

I love my own creations to pieces. They are the barometer of my journey as a self taught artist. Are they perfect, absolutely not, but are they great? To me, of course. I wanted to tell a story about them. I was considering many things like webcomics and tumblr ask pages, but I decided not to go that path...YET. I felt it was time for Maddie and Margaret to be formally introduced to the world. For those not in the know, Maddie and Margaret Mckenszie are sisters. They don't always get along. 12-year-old Margret is quite serious in her studies and free-time activities. 5-year-old Maddie is serious about having fun, doing silly things and devouring Ice Cream all day. The elder Mckenszie sister has been bothered by Maddie ever since she was born. If it's not picking her nose that gets to her, maybe its the bouncing on a pogo stick while playing your favorite video game or banging on pots and pans that drives her bonkers. It's never a dull moment in the Mckenszie household.

The title of this book is called... (drumroll please.)

Maddie Mckenszie: The Most ANNOYING Little Sister EVER!

The book is 26 pages long and designed for younger readers, but of course I won't stop anyone out of the age range of 4-8 from reading it.

The book will be available in the following formats:

DRM PDF file On sale NOW for $1.99.(can be read on just about any tablet or color eReader (iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc)
Paypal is required.
iBookstore exclusive. Featuring a landscape layout. (Waiting on Apple's approval)
And a hard cover version via (I don't expect a lot of people to buy this one due to the price)

I am considering versions for Kindle and Google Play. These will be developed at a later date.

This book will be aggressively promoted and priced by me. You won't be paying $9.99 for this I tell you right now. In fact, it only costs $1.99 and you can buy the DRM Free PDF NOW.

Currently, I'm in the process of submitting my book to the iBookstore. I expect the book to be available by early October there, if not sooner. Be sure to tell all your friends and family, ESPECIALLY those with young ones!

In the meantime, check out some sample pages.

Maddie Mckenszie: Most preview 3 by ronaldhennessy  Maddie Mckenszie: Most preview 2 by ronaldhennessy  Maddie Mckenszie: Most preview 1 by ronaldhennessy

I've been getting a few notes about doing requests in the past few months. I'll say this in the most polite way possible. It takes time to create my artwork. Working a full-time job tends to get in the way of completing the artwork at times. I also (so far) don't get paid for any of it. It's a hobby for me. When I'm expected to do this for others, I feel compensation is needed for my time.

I'm certainly not against the idea of commissions, but that is something I may do one day.

So before you ask, I don't do ANY requests.
This is the code name of the "project" I'm working on. My updates will be sporadic from time to time, but once it's finished, I will be so damn proud of myself.

HINT: It does NOT involve My Little Pony at all. Sorry Bronies, I draw more than just pony.
You might have noticed that I didn't make my usual Saturday artwork post yesterday on June 9th. Recently, I declared I don't want to stay stagnant. That means doing the same thing over and over. Not to say that Princess and Friends, MLP and various fan art aren't fun to do...but I have to put a little more effort in it. It may take a little longer to put some things out, but the quality will speak for itself.

I don't have any artist alley presence this year since I'm not ready for that, but I am working on little personal project for Bronycon.

It's a secret!
I'm working on a personal project. Is is still in the planning stages. Once those plans are finalized, I'll begin to be public with it. Lets say I have no ideal what the hell will happen with this.

This summer, I currently plan to attend the following conventions:

Bronycon (Secaucus, NJ) June 30-July 1.
Otakon July 27-29.

No, I'm not doing artist alley. Not ready for that, maybe in the future.

I'm not sure about Connecticon. I'll have to see what my finances are like. The Marriott in Hartford is a nice hotel but would make my budget soar as it already is.
(Originally posted on my Tumblr page.

Let's get some things out of the way. I like Derpy Hooves. She is the symbol of the brony movement. A beautiful mistake that made our ways into the hearts and minds of all in the fandom.

If you haven't heard, iTunes a few weeks ago removed Season 2 episode 14 "The Last Roundup". Apparently, there were complaints that the character Derpy, who spoke for the first time, was offensive to developmentally-abled people. Shortly after the release of this episode on iTunes, it was removed. At the time of this writing, the episode has yet to re-air on The Hub. Speculation says that Apple may have bowed down to pressure from complaints of the Derpy character or Hasbro itself got complaints as well. Welovefine, a pop-culture apparel retailer changed the descriptions of all merchandise featuring Derpy's name (but did not stop selling the actual shirts that have Derpy's name on it). Rumor has it that all merchandise featuring her were about to be removed, but for now that does not seem to be the case.

As a result of these changes, the "Save Derpy" movement was born. A hash tag on twitter, many fanart and worthless petitions were created to save this character from the axe of Political Correctness. Eventually the episode returned to iTunes…with some changes.

Originally, the character Rainbow Dash said "Careful Derpy" pleading her to avoid damaging city hall, she now says "Uggh Careful". Derpy, originally voiced by Tabitha St. Germain in a boy-like voice now sounds high-pitched and more "girl" like. The animation of her eyes which looked wall eyed, are now "corrected", much like a standard pony would look like on the show.…

Then this is where the shit hits the fan.

Equestria Daily reported on this issue and confirmed that both the Standard and High Definition versions of "The Last Roundup" have returned and have been altered in this way.…

Naturally, discussion about this has spread through other avenues such as reddit, deviantart, ponychan, 4chan's /mlp, etc. While it's ok to be disappointed with changes, it's not cool to give death threats, make absolutely pointless petitions (Because we all know online petitions work right?) and make baseless claims that Apple is somehow edited the episode all on their own.


Derpy ain't going anywhere. She's still in the series and won't be going anywhere if you follow the word of Animator Kreoss…

Keep it civil and sane and good things will come out in the end. I should finger wag towards Hasbro for NOT fully explaining WHY they are doing this and not have random animators, storyboard artists or anonymous persons speak on their behalf. So far, they are LUCKY this hasn't hit the mainstream news or they would have quite a handful to deal with.
Follow me on the following sites:

twitter (most active here)!/ronaldhennessy
tumblr (I sometimes post sketches here)
Facebook is stupid. No one should be using it.
I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I don't consider myself to be a brony artist. From time to time, you may see pony artwork here, but don't expect it. I tend to stick to my favorites (that means Pinkie Pie and Twist). I really want to do all mane 6 one day and maybe the CMC, but my original artwork is the main feature here.

Fan art is cool and all, but all original artwork needs exposure.
I normally stick to words in 140 characters or less, but with a heavy heart, I must write this.

My first exposure to Apple products were back in grade school. In the computer lab, I used educational software on the Apple IIe and eventually the Mac. I loved using the mac so much, I convinced my family to purchase a Mac for use in the home. We got a Performa 550. Pretty clunky performance with a 33 MEGAHERTZ 68k processor and a VERY pokey 2400 baud modem. In modern standards, it wouldn't even hold a candle to even the 1st gen iPhone, but it was a very influential product for me. This was the Mac that I used during the rise of the information age in the 1990's. I learned to use Photoshop and learned HTML on the Mac as well.

The 1990's were dark times for Apple and Mac fans. I was often ridiculed for using a Mac when my other peers in school were using PCs. "You're using a dinosaur", they said, "No one makes software for Macs", they said. The price of Apple stock was less than two large pizzas back then. Sadly, demands of the world and my family forced me into the world of Windows. I became the other side of the "rest of us" for a few years. I won't say it was THAT of a bad experience, but it involved a lot of Blue Screens of Death. I really learned the ins and outs of PCs, eventually learning to install Windows and eventually built my own computer in my college years.

During my darkest time when I had a life-threatening illness, the iPod that was given to me as a gift gave me songs that got me through the recovery. Eventually, I fully recovered and resumed my studies at school.

I started working at a computer store during the final years of college and was exposed to Mac OS X for the first time. Many of my co-workers were Mac users and gushed with glee over the experience. I was already an iPod fan, so going back to the Mac was a no-brainer. My first modern Mac and my first ever laptop was the first MacBook Pro in 2006. Damn, it was an incredible experience turning it on for the first time with the welcome video.

The iPhone release was one of the most memorable geeky moments of recent memory for me. I waited 12 hours on line with MacBookPro in hand of course to get mine, paying the $600 + tax for it. I still have the special bag they gave me somewhere stored. I would wait for it again in 2008, 2009 and 2010, even paying FULL PRICE for the iPhone 4 since shitty AT&T wouldn't give me a discount. I would wait it for the iPad 1 as well, but I just got the iPad 2 recently months after it came out.

Today, every computer that I own is Mac. My iPad and me are one when I go out. My iPhone is my "3rd arm" or "2nd Brain". My Apple TV entertains me. My MacBook Pro is the hub of my life. My Mac Mini brings my artwork to life. I owe a lot of what I do in my life to Steve Jobs vision and his team. Could I do it with a Windows machine? Can I do it with an Android? Yeah. I can, but the user experience, integration, cohesiveness pales in comparison to Mac OS and iOS. You may not use or own a Mac or iPhone or iPad, but Steve Jobs pushed the envelope that others followed, progressing technology further. We would still be using RAZRs and Treos if it weren't for Apple.

You may never see another person like Steve Jobs do so much to an industry in your life ever again. You may never see a person talked in the same vein as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Walt Disney. You may never experience a person like Steve change the way we listen to music and watch TV, movies and games.

Remember that.

-Ronald Hennessy
I declided to start my own livestream channel. I started streaming yesterday. If you want to see me draw live, check me out

I will mostly do livestreaming on the weekends during the afternoon or night. I mostly draw late weekday nights (I work late), so I don't expect to stream during that time since most of the country is asleep.