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day one hundred



    september 8, 2010
    I made this summer a good one.

I have lived during these past 100 days. after all the pressure that school had put on me was gone, I have finally had time to enjoy life.
I took pictures I would never have taken if it wasn't for this project. I love some of them and I hate others. but the point of it wasn't to take pictures I liked or to improve, it was to document my summer. and that's what I did. every single one of those 100 photos makes me feel something when I look at them. because they remind me. and that is all I wanted.
the best part about it is that my summer isn't over yet. but this project is and I'm happy about it. from now on I will only take pictures when I feel like taking them, but it will probably still be quite often. I will only upload pictures I want to upload and I will put more thought and energy into them. I enjoyed this project while it lasted and it definitely changed my summer for the better, but I knew that it wouldn't have such a big impact on me as my fifty two weeks project has before I started it. that one ends this week too and the missing pictures are almost ready to be uploaded, I just wanted to finish this project first.

today was quiet. Nina, Gregor, Seb and me slept over at my sister's house and later went to Gregor's to have breakfast. I came home at 4, ignored the mess in my room and tried out the 50mm f/1.4 lens Gregor has lent me. (: and now I'm off to meet up with them again.
it rained a lot and the sun didn't come out all day.
I felt like completing this project with a picture that goes with the one I took on the first day.

thank you to Rosa for doing this project with me.
thank you to all people that have looked at my photos and commented.
and a huge thank you to my friends for just being there and spending time with me. and for letting me take photos of them from time to time. and for not being irritated when I told them I wasn't on the computer because I had to do a handstand in a puddle.
I made this summer a good one. but my friends made it a perfect one.

one hundred days of summer

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Gorgeous hair!! I love the ponytail!!!!