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Past Contests Winners


Valentine's Day Contest (2010)

1st Place: Ron with the Wind by StuckInThe90s
2nd Place: Always the tone of surprise by MioneBookworm
3rd Place: The new Mr and Mrs Weasley by MandiPoPoPope
Stupid Valentine's Day by Kassis

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The Victory Contest (2010)
1st Place: Finally by Chashirskiy
2nd Place: Is this the moment? by viria13
3rd Place: Just one more by Chashirskiy

1st Place: The real first kiss by twirkle
2nd Place: Facing the darkness by bellaricante
Just us by nut-tree
3rd place: Into the Chamber by solemnlyswear22

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Every bit was covered in stamps (2010)
1st category:
1st Place Ron and Hermione Dh Stamp by gracelessnight
2nd Place Ron and Hermione Glow stamp by EdwardC1901
3rd Place Ron-x-Hermione Stamp 2 Banter by Nebulan

2nd category:
1st Place RHr Leviosa Stamp by gracelessnight
2nd Place It's so obvious stamp by Lady-RyuuXX87
3rd Place RH Most Wonderful Person by gracelessnight

3rd category:
1st Place Ron and Hermione Text Stamp by EdwardC1901
2nd Place Ron-x-Hermione Group Stamp by gracelessnight
3rd Place Emma and Rupert Stamp by xJulien

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First Christmas at Home (2010)
1st Place First Christmas by loubylou96
2nd Place The First Christmas by Catching-Smoke
3rd Place First Christmas at new home by Kassis

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Capture the moment (2011)
1st Place: Closer to you by Chashirskiy
2nd Place: Ron and Hermione by storytellersdaughter

1st Place: Ron-x-Hermione Header by gracelessnight
2nd Place: Ron-x-Hermione Header entry2 by Mairelyn

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The Milestones Contest (2011)
1st Place Just Married by Ninidu
2nd Place Cake on your nose by MargaHG
3rd Place A sleepless night by nut-tree

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