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Rules (read before submitting)

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 9, 2011, 9:41 AM

Here are the official rules that you must know before submitting your work to the gallery. Please read carefully and if you have any doubt or concern, note me or leave a comment.
Last updated: Aug 09, 2011


:new: :bulletred: Your submissions must have something to do with Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Rose or Hugo Weasley. For artworks, large groups of people including any of them and trio works are not allowed. Artworks depicting Ron and Hermione with another couple are allowed. Fanfiction can depict other characters and pairings, but they must be centered in Ron and Hermione.

:bulletred: The use of copyrighted images is not allowed in your submissions:

"Current deviantART policy considers copyright infringement to be any situation where a user takes the original art, photography, or writing of another person (a 'third party') and then either misrepresents the original, unaltered work as one of their own creations or includes the work (either altered or unaltered) in a new image or piece of literature without the proper permission of the copyright owner."

Which means in this case that using images from the Harry Potter movies goes against the rules, and to prevent a permanent banning of the group, we want to avoid this.
:new: Exception: The only kind of submissions that can include copyrighted images is stamps, as long as you put some work into it (not just copy and paste into a template).

:bulletred: You can use stock images and other resources submitted to Deviantart in your work as long as you obey the terms and conditions set by the stock provider. This usually requires you to contact the artist, ask for permission and credit them in your artist comments.

:new: :bulletred: Regarding quality: The group encourages all forms of art and fiction, trying to be open for both begginer and advanced artists and writers. However, we will not accept:
- rough sketches when it's hard to make out the drawing
- sloppy drawings in squared or writing paper (which means that we will accept art in said papers if your drawing is neat)
- really bad scans or photographs
- uncapitalized stories
- stories with many evident grammar/spelling mistakes (we recommend asking somebody to revise your story, always. Visit this link to find out more:…)

This is mainly as a way to help you improve and receive the comments and faves you deserve! And also, to present our members and watchers with the best work out there.

:bulletred: Cosplays ( short for "costume plays") are not allowed.

What is a cosplay?
"Cosplay is type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea."

:bulletred: Memes are not allowed.

What is a meme?
"In the context of web logs / ‘blogs / blogging and other kinds of personal web sites it’s some kind of list of questions that you saw somewhere else and you decided to answer the questions. Then someone else sees them and does them and so on and so on. I generally consider these to be actual questions and not some multiple choice quizzes that determine some result at the end."

Therefore, since a meme represents mainly your ideas, likes and dislikes, etc., they will not be accepted in the group even if the characters appear.
:new: Exception: You may submit art memes that depict Ron and Hermione only.

:bulletred: No spamming, flooding or advertising.
Spamming consists of repeatedly making identical or near identical comments or sending a lots of notes with the obvious intent of indiscriminately spreading your message to as many users as possible without regard for whether they are interested in your message.
Flooding consists of repeatedly making comments in a single area with the obvious intent of overwhelming a single webpage with your commentary, or filling a comment or group of comments with a huge amount of text.
No hate comments are allowed. Live and let live.

If you want to advertise your group, Affiliate with us. Affiliate requests are currently Open for any kind of group, except those pairing Ron or Hermione with different characters.

:bulletred: Gallery rules:
The current open gallery folders are:
:new: :pointr: Ron and Hermione: You may not submit trio works, large groups of people or works where Ron or Hermione are romantically involved with somebody else and the third part (Ron or Hermione) does not appear in the scene.
:pointr: Only Ron Weasley
:pointr: Only Hermione Granger
:new: :pointr: Rose and Hugo: Rose and Hugo must appear alone, together or with their parents in the case of art; stories must be centered around them or the Weasley-Granger family in the case of fiction. Next gen pairings or next gen groups are not allowed. All the works previously submitted that no longer fit into this folder have been removed.
:new: :pointr: Mature Content: Submit both art and fiction here: everything rated R or NC17 goes to this folder. Please be careful when submitting your art: be sure to mark the Mature Content Filter option if you know your art is not suitable for most ages. If your work has a Mature Content Filter, it goes here.
:new: :pointr: Stamps and icons: Any kind, shape and size of stamps go here. They must have a stamp border and they may contain copyrighted pictures. Pixel icons go here; they can be of any size and shape but they must depict Ron and Hermione together or alone.
Avatars and icons with copyrighted images are not allowed.
:pointr: Current Contest: Please make sure that your submission follows the rules given for the current contest.
:new: :pointr: Inspired Photography: This folder is not for photos of you and Rupert, Emma, other actors, merchandise, cosplays, etc. It mainly is for pictures of your favourite R/Hr scenes in the books, but you can submit other pictures of you think they represent Ron and Hermione in some way.
:pointr: Rupert Grint and Emma Watson: Folder for the actors as themselves, together or alone. They should not be depicted as any character, neither from the HP movies nor from their other projects.
:pointr: Prompts: Works inspired in the prompts and challenges posted in The Pensieve.

They are valid both for fan art and fan fiction; your fanfiction stories go to the specific folder according to the main topic.

Do not submit your own art into the "Featured folder"--that's not modest, and the folder mostly holds the honourary winners of contests amongst other pieces. Only the Contributors are encouraged to suggest here.

Entries to past contests are placed in new folders. You cannot submit new works in there.
The current closed gallery folders are:
:pointr: "Valentine's Contest" 2010
:pointr: "The Victory Contest" 2010
:pointr: "Every bit was covered in stamps" Contest 2010
:pointr: "First Christmas at home" Contest 2010
:pointr: "Capture the moment" Contest 2011
:pointr: Ron and Hermione Pick-a-Prompt Fest 2011

:bulletred: Favourites rules:
The current Favourites folders are:
:pointr: Featured
:pointr: Only Ron Weasley
:pointr: Only Hermione Granger
:pointr: Ron and Hermione
:pointr: Rose and Hugo

If you want to suggest a favourite that is missing, please do so, indicating the right folder. However, please do not suggest your own art as favourite. If you would like to see your art in our galleries, join and submit it to the right folder.

:bulletred: Contributors:
The position of Contributors is offered to those who contribute with prizes for the contests or help in some way. It's mainly a status upgrade; Contributors are not required to do anything extra or to donate prizes for future contests, so they are free to decline. Joining as a Contributor is not allowed.

:bulletred: Wizengamot Members:
Wizengamot Members help contributing with ideas for future contests and group improvements. They have access to the Back Room and can join in admin discussions, but other than that, they don't have any other responsibilities. Currently, applying to be a Wizengamot Member is closed.

If you think something is missing or unclear, or if you have any personal concern, note the group or leave a comment below :D

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