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Hehe, like the title? Here I will promote contests from Deviantart and beyond in which you can take part. If you want to promote any contest you think RHr lovers would be interested, no matter if it's from Deviantart, LiveJournal, fansite, Facebook, etc., contact me and I will add!

Contests going on

:new: 18th Anniversary Contest at PotterWarts
This contest is in honor of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone coming out in 1997 in Europe and 1998 in the US, and asks you to depict your favourite part from the first book.
- It can feature your Harry Potter OC/s
- Fanart, fanfictions and cosplay accepted
- Contest is for members only
- Deadline is on June 20th

For more info, go here. They're looking for prize donations, so if you have anything to offer, contact them! Also, they will also appreaciate if you spread the word about the contest.


Nothing at the moment!

Do you want to be featured? SEND US A NOTE TO PROMOTE YOUR CONTEST! :)
Hi everybody!! It's been an exciting week for us Potterheads all around: as you might know, the Quidditch World Cup is taking place in Argentina and Ginny Potter has been reporting for the Daily Prophet. On Tuesday, however, Ginny was joined by Rita Skeeter writing for the gossip column... and as it couldn't have been any other way, Rita was more interested in the arrival of Harry, Ron, Hermione, their families and the rest of Dumbledore's Army than in Quidditch. This gave us some insight (misled as it was, since we're talking about Skeeter) into the current lives of Ron and Hermione, amongst others. And today, both reporters were commenting the match on livestream--well, Ginny was, in any case, while Rita's attention was fixed on what happened in the VIP boxes.

I'm going to paste below only those bits referring to Ron and Hermione and then round up the facts for y'all. THIS IS EXCITING TIMES THERE IS NO DENIAL :aww:

Dumbledore's Army reunites at Quidditch World Cup Final

In the tent are Potter's two closest associates, the ones who know everything about him and yet have always refused to talk to the press. Are they afraid of him, or is it their own secrets they are afraid will leak out, tarnishing the myth of He Who Could Not Be Name's defeat? Now married, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger were with Potter almost every step of the way. [...]
In the immediate aftermath of the battle, Weasley, whose famous ginger hair appears to be thinning slightly, entered into employment with the Ministry of Magic alongside Potter, but left only two years later to co-manage the highly successful wizarding joke emporium Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Was he, as he stated at the time, 'delighted to assist my brother George with a business I've always loved'? Or had he had his fill of standing in Potter's shadow? Was the work of the Auror Department too much for a man who has admitted that the destruction of He Who Could Not Be Named's Horcruxes 'took its toll' on him? He shows no obvious signs of mental illness from a distance, but the public is not allowed close enough to make a proper assessment. Is this suspicious?

Hermione Granger, of course, was always the femme fatale of the group. Press reports of the time revealed that as a teenager she toyed with the young Potter's affections before being seduced away by the muscular Viktor Krum, finally settling for Potter's faithful sidekick. After a meteoric rise to Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, she is now tipped to go even higher within the Ministry, and is also mother to son, Hugo, and daughter, Rose. Does Hermione Granger prove that a witch really can have it all? (No -- look at her hair.)

Quidditch World Cup Final Livestream

Up in VIP Box Two, Ronald Weasley appears to have become catatonic. Did I just see wife Hermione Granger administer a sharp elbow to the ribs?

Almost all of the Weasley family are supporting Brazil. Certainly nobody can have expected Ronald to cheer on his wife’s ex-boyfriend. Both his children – Rose, who appears to have inherited her father’s unfortunate hair, and Hugo, who has his mother’s bushy locks – are decked out in green, but Hermione Granger is not wearing anything to indicate which team she is supporting. Does she secretly hope to see Krum take the trophy at last? Or is this the kind of diplomatic neutrality one might expect of a ruthless careerist whose long-term ambition is undoubtedly to be Minister for Magic?

Albus Potter has almost toppled out of the VIP box cheering his Quidditch hero. His uncle Ronald seized the back of his robes and saved him from what would surely have been a death of international significance, spawning news stories across the wizarding world.

Harry Potter is cheering every well-hit Bulgarian Bludger, whereas his supposed best friend Ronald Weasley appears to be gnashing his teeth in chagrin. Hermione Granger is yawning. Whether she intends to convey boredom, or is merely exhausted after Dumbledore’s Army’s long night of noisy revelry in the VIP section of the campsite, her Argentinian hosts can only be offended by such blatant rudeness.

A great groan has issued from the crowd, undoubtedly in response to Ronald Weasley flagrantly and openly kissing his wife on the cheek. This piece of disgusting exhibitionism appears to have disgusted spectators – my colleague, Ginny Potter, has just informed me that the crowd groaned because one of the players has sustained an injury.

Cold-hearted Hermione Granger did not notice her ex-boyfriend’s injury immediately, due to the ill-judged public display of affection instigated by her husband, but she swiftly put on a display of concern.

Everyone is on their feet, including the denizens of the VIP boxes – Harry Potter is shouting – if my lip-reading is accurate, Ronald Weasley is swearing –

Ah, that’s better – people are calming down, I can now see the VIP boxes – well, Dumbledore’s Army seems to approve of the victory, Harry Potter in particular seems emotional – with a determined grin on his face, Ronald Weasley conceals his inevitable annoyance that his wife’s ex-love is being feted by the Quidditch world


New facts that we've learnt from this!

- Ron's hair might be thinning slightly, like Arthur's.
- After two years working as an Auror with Harry, he left to work at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes and now co-owns it. Since George is said to be wealthy, we can assume Ron is also doing rather well financially.
- After leaving the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Hermione was hired by the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and is now Deputy Head, possibly rising to Head.
- Her hair still looks bushy.
- Hermione might have hypenated her last names, as Rita calls her 'Granger', since the Wizarding world is rather conservative.
- As of 2014, Rose is eight years old and Hugo is six.
- Rose has red hair and Hugo has brown, bushy hair.
- Ron still holds a minor grudge against Viktor Krum, cheering for Brazil with both of their children.
- Hermione is still uninterested by Quidditch, cheering for no one in particular.
- Ron had no problem kissing Hermione on the cheek in public, something that to British standards is big PDA.

What are your thoughts on this new information?

The first article was a big, wonderfully amusing and amazing surprise, but it also stirred some feathers in some aspects. Some headcanons were broken by this information, some people believed JK Rowling was once again insulting Ron (forgetting that this is, in fact, supposed to be written by Rita Skeeter) and some are refusing to see it as canon.
What did you think of it?

Mini challenge!

It'd be wondeful to see our gallery flowing with new RHr fanart and fanfic inspired by these tidbits!
Go ahead and create something, then submit it to the Current Contest folder! (I'll move everything to the general "Ron and Hermione" folder afterwards, as it's not an actual contest) :aww:

Announcements Board

This blog entry will do as a place to post general announcements regarding the group, questions, extra info and anything I come up with :)

Latest Announcements

:new: Like I read earlier, on Valentine's Day the only thing that matters are your OTPs, so if you don't have a date, don't despair! Here's a lovely feature of Ron and Hermione being mushy for you! Don't forget we love you! :love:

Ron and Hermione Valentine's day by Pancake9Andy Stupid Valentine's Day by Kassis Ron and Hermione by Tryaki-chan<da:thumb id="197189736"/>
Too early? by drinked-ale Happy Valentine's Day Mrs W by HILLYMINNE<da:thumb id="285065349"/>Be My Valentine by FlockeInc
Ron and Hermione:GildingofNightfallGiftart by Peregrinus5Floh Deathly Kiss by storytellersdaughter Ron and Hermione - Smooch! by shango266
Ron and Hermione   DH by reggieveggie FINALLY:Ron and Hermione by x-pisa-cake-x Ron kissing Hermione by LagoonNymph<da:thumb id="290328022"/> <da:thumb id="196555969"/>
<da:thumb id="244093530"/> closer by vitaxzen Deathly Hallows_Kiss_R_Hr by mary-dreams Kiss Me by oldenuf2nobetter Ron and Hermione by Sekhmet-Heart
The Kiss by rinabina123 Pent Up Frustration... by kara-lija Commission: In The Rain (edit) by Catching-Smoke Romione by ohwellthen Just One More... by Chashirskiy
Winter Kisses by Whisperwings R and Her - No secret anymore by lillywmw RxH by Shtut The Moment by vintagesubwaycar <da:thumb id="257513491"/>
Come Down Here by Hi-tops English Summer Rain by loulaubye  Long time coming v2.0 by MagdalenaTR Ron and Hermione Fluff by toerning <da:thumb id="405536306"/>

Sorry for the delay! :D


Pinned post: This year has been hard for the group because it became really obvious that the HP frenzy has settled down. Our once very active group now barely gets any comments and contest entries, which led me to stop fighting for a Super group upgrade after the last one expired.
You know, I love this group with all my heart, and I don't think I'll ever close it. If we ever reached the point where there are zero submissions per month, then I guess dA will have to force me to shut it down!
Still, I've decided to quit the contests. Our last one barely got four entries, and the vote count was also really low. It stresses me because I put time and thought into them, and I tend to take things too personal, when I know it's something that happens in most HP groups here at dA.
So, how do we go from here? Same as always, just no contests. In the future, I might consider throwing mini-challenges or putting up suggestions for the ones who are interested, just not with prizes and stuff.
This year there was the HP Shipweek trend going on, and it broke my heart that it was more widespread on Tumblr than here (I seriously hate Tumblr). Maybe next year we can bring it in here in the group, too?

Common Queries and old relevant announcements
:bulletorange: In the About us section, below the GCard, you will now find an improved 'guide' to the group.
First you have some Frequently Asked Questions about our purpose, why should you join and how to affiliate.
After that, you'll find a mini map of the site that indicates everything that you can find in each section of the group.
And below, there are some useful links!

Now, this is only useful if you are curious enough as to browse through the group and check the About Us section before joining. Most of the things I have to explain or the submissions I have to reject have a why explained as clearly as possible in the rules, and repeated several times (because I'm that annoying). So remember to always read and check the group from head to foot and right to left , and ask if there's something you don't understand (don't be ashamed of asking because you don't speak English!)

Either you're an old member or a new fellow, go and check this! :aww:

:bulletred: [COMMON QUERY] Can I submit HP memes??
There's a certain popular HP meme, and I've got some requests to submit them. I know that you do it because it includes Ron and Hermione, but still: the rules clearly say we don't accept memes!
Unless it's an only Ron and Hermione meme that involves some very nice drawings of yours, please don't submit it.

:bulletred: [COMMON QUERY] Can I submit other people's artwork to the gallery?
While I love our members' mutual support, I can't have over 50 submissions per day for other people's work.
That is, if you want somebody's artwork to be submitted to the group, submit it, but not their whole gallery.
It's a pain not only for me, but also for the artists. Some of them were active in the past, but currently may not get on dA as often, and so it might get annoying for them to have hundreds of notifications claiming for their work to be featured here and there every time they log in.
If you want somebody to submit all of their RHr goodness here, contact them and convince them to join. Nothing would make me happier!
However, I rather accept new works, which need some promotion, instead of dealing with things that won't be accepted by the artists.

:bulletred: [COMMON QUERY] Why are you rejecting my wallpapers and graphics??
Our rules say that the use of copyrighted images is not allowed in your submissions to this group. Which means that using pics from the movies goes against the dA rules (read more here).
Then why other groups accept it, can't we just skip that rule if nobody ever notices?
Making graphics myself, I know how much work you put into your stuff (in some cases, though. There are some shameful "graphics" that make me breath fire). But I have two reasons for saying a big no:
1) I don't want the group to be deleted only because of a couple of submissions.
2) I don't want your account to be deleted.

As a personal advice, I would say that, if you want to share your HP graphics, submit them to your account only, but don't submit to groups, no matter their rules referring to that. By spreading it, you only make it more noticeable, and while this is the reason for which dA exists, infringments will be easier to notice.

:bulletorange: Keep sending your favourite Ron/Hermione quotes from the books or the movies so I can add them here.

:bulletorange: We are listed at :iconsortinghat: and :icongrouple: (under "Harry Potter") :D

Ron-x-Hermione DH Stamp by gracelessnight Stamp: R-x-Hr Group Stamp by OtterAndTerrier:thumb177060422: Stamp: Ron-x-Hermione group by OtterAndTerrier Ron-x-Hermione Group Stamp by gracelessnight Ron-x-Hermione PoA Stamp by gracelessnight Ron and Hermione Hats Stamp by gracelessnight

By the fireplace -- Your cozy little chat spot!

Hello folks! We've seen your art, your writing, your crafts; we've seen you around, but yet we don't know much about you! We are a big family, that's true, but a family in the end!

In this blog entry, you'll find, from time to time, questions about you, opinions, short theories to discuss, trivia, riddles, a bit of everything I can think of! And you will be encouraged to leave a comment to let us know who are you, to interact and make friends!

Some things should be kept in mind:
:bulletred: We're not going to tolerate bashing of any kind. No hate messages, no spam, no chain posts. Be nice to each other! If you don't agree with somebody, talk politely or don't say anything.

We are one of the friendliest, most lovely branches of the Harry Potter fandom, so I'd like to think we won't have many problems, but if you do anything mentioned above, you might be banned from the group.

Grab a cup of tea (or hot beverage of choice) and join us by the fireplace!

Current topic

:bulletpink: Last week, "The Sunday Times" published a preview of an interview between Emma Watson and JK Rowling for "Wonderland Magazine". This article caused quite a stirr amongst fans because it was titled "JK Rowling admits Hermione should have married Harry", and it goes on saying that she regrets putting Ron and Hermione together.
I thought we could discuss this, but I also thought it'd be best to wait until we had the full interview from "Wonderland Magazine", and I'm glad I did.
Here is "The Sunday Times" article (you can't read it unless you're subscribed) and here is one of the first articles that came out more or less transcribing the former.
Now, before we discuss anything, go and read the full interview, which can be found here.

Some discussion prompts:
- What was your reaction/feelings when you first found out about this?
- How do you feel about it after reading the full interview?
- Has your opinion about JK Rowling changed? Why?
- Has your opinion about Ron and Hermione changed? Why?
- Do you agree that there was "too much fundamental incompatibility" between their characters for them to embark on an adult relationship? Why?
- How did/do you feel about the scene in DH when Harry and Hermione are dancing in the tent? Do you see it as a "romantic posibility" or as siblings trying to cope and cheer up each other?
- Do you think Ron and Hermione would need marriage counseling at some point? How is that good or bad?

Please be respectful to each other. Please also keep in mind that, if you're not a member of this group, you might join in the discussion, but I will not tolerate any kind of hate or disrespecful behavior towards the members, the characters or the author (this goes for members, too).

Past topics (feel free to talk about these, too!)

:bulletpurple: Tell us from three to five facts about you!
:bulletpurple: If it was up to you, what would Ron and Hermione's children's names be? Would they have only two kids?
:bulletpurple: What is for you the turning point in Ron and Hermione's relationship as more than friends? (other than the kiss, of course!) I mean, what was the moment you thought "That's it, they like each other"?
:bulletpurple: What are your other favourite pairings from literature?
:bulletpurple: Now that we (almost) have Pottermore to answer some of our HP related questions: if you had the chance to find out one thing about either Ron or Hermione, or about their relationship, what would it be?
:bulletpurple: Do you read fanfiction? If so, what are some of your all-time/current favourite RHr fics? Tell us why and share a link! :D (you can link to other sites than dA)
:bulletpurple: What crazy theories did you have about Ron and Hermione while you were reading the HP books?
Hi everybody! I hope you all had a nice holiday time.
As you know, I usually stick to our Announcements Board for general group announcements, but today I have some big news and a request that deserve a special place here.

I'm sure most of you know Whisperwings, Alie; an amazing artist with a huge heart. Those who have been members of the group for longer may even remember she was a Wizengamot Member for a while, or have seen her name amongst the prize donations for some of our contests (maybe you even were the lucky recipient of one of her drawings!). She is 25, loves to draw, all things Disney and obviously Harry Potter, besides many other things, which you can also find at her personal Tumblr, wisteriaprincess.

The following is a copy of gracelessnight's post at WeasleyFanClub, which I felt needless to modify:

Unfortunately, Alie received some devastating news over the holidays. After lots of time spent in the hospital and talking to countless doctors, she was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. Due to several other mitigating factors, she and her family have made the decision to not pursue chemotheraphy. What this means is that Alie may only have six weeks left to shine her light on this wonderful Earth. (For more details, please see her blog, Timeless Whimsy).

The point of this post is to say that Alie is loved. There are so many of us that feel incredibly blessed to know her. She has laughed with us, goofed around with us, dreamed with us, and inspired us, and we want to celebrate the beautiful person she is.

How you may ask?

We're pleased to announce that Tuesday, January 21st, is Alie Day!

How can you participate?

   • STEP ONE: Wear your best green shirt! Green is the Liver Cancer Awareness Ribbon color, and it also happens to be one of Alie's favorite colors!
   • STEP TWO: Take a selfie! Take as many photos in your green attire as you want -- take it with other people, take it outside next to other green things, just show off that green!
   • STEP THREE: Post it on the web! Share your photos on tumblr, Facebook, deviantART, Twitter, Instagram, and any other site you can think of. Don't forget to tag it as well -- #alie day. That way, Alie can look through the tag and see how loved and supported she is.

So mark your calendars! Tuesday, January 21st, start posting those pictures! Also, feel free to share your favorite Alie stories, post your favorite pictures that Alie has drawn, or anything else you want to share that celebrates the awesomeness that is Alie.

If you have an account on tumblr, please reblog this post to spread the word! Also, feel free to post your own journal entries to help get the word out. And we'll see you on January 21st for the most Alie-rific day to ever exist :)

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