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*Free Icon/Emote* Big Hero 6 Baymax 

  • All my work done by Photoshop CS6 
  • Your name and DA name
  • Your Email
  •  Size : Optional (pixel and DPI)
  • Subject: Required 
  • Amount: optional (bust, waist, full body)
  • Character description : Required  
  • Background: Optional (If you don't fill this then I will draw whatever that fit to your character.)
  • Pose and expression: Optional (Standing, sitting, profile, smiling, angry, crying etc If you don't fill I will determine from you character's personality)
  • Atmosphere/theme: Optional (Cheerful, oriental, dark, Victorian, romantic, etc. If you don't fill I will determine from you character's personality))
  • Reference: Optional 
  • Your Paypal account e-mail: Required 

PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers Points My account :

deviantART +fav 

Price : 40-120 USD (Price is depending on details and how difficult it is.)
       additional price :  depends on additional character and detailed
example : 

      Red Summoned Dragon by Ron-faure  Bahamut by Ron-faure  Shiva by Ron-faure  Blink X-Men  by Ron-faure <da:thumb id="484119899"/>

       Violet Summoned Dragon by Ron-faure   Green Summoned Dragon by Ron-faure   <da:thumb id="491588677"/> <da:thumb id="480357119"/>   Necromancer by Ron-faure     

deviantART +fav 
  • Characters Sheet / Design 15 - 100 USD
  • Price : 20-150 USD 
example : 

Characters concept sketch male by Ron-faure   
Characters concept sketch female by Ron-faure  
Goblin Design C by Ron-faure 

  Random Character 1 by Ron-faure  

  • Full Single Color Characters 
  • Price : 30 - 70 USD
example : 

 <da:thumb id="493549591"/>  <da:thumb id="493549429"/>  
<da:thumb id="492557810"/>  <da:thumb id="492557598"/>   Space Suit CAMP by Ron-faure  

Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3] 

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