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I'm deeply upset by what's happening in America ! I can't do much, but I want to do my best to help, so I want to express my solidarity with Black Americans, and the victims of police brutality and systemic opression everywhere.

Not the most light-hearted way to put myself back to drawing and starting Pride Month, but I needed to speak up and do something, even if it's just a meaningless drawing with my character Louise, who is African-American.
Protests aren't for me, I'd rather be safe at home and play video games, but when I see people protesting injustice and getting crushed by the police, it enrages me to no end !
I'd like to help, I want people to rise up and I want progress to be made, but due to circumstances there's very little I can do right now, except showing which side I'm on.

If you plan on going to protests, make sure you take every measure to be safe. And if you can donate money, please support bail funds to get arrested protestors out of jail, or support people and businesses impacted by riots.

Keep fighting for justice !

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I can totally understand what's happening there. I mean the cop, who arrested George Floyd, sat on his neck for nearly 9 minutes! Even the most retarded shit head knows, that this is dangerous! Especially as a poilce man, he must know this! And George also said, that he can't breathe, but instead, there were three (or four) cops sitting on him. It's not the first case, but in my opinion one of the most cruel of cop brutality against afro-americans. There should be equal rights, but some people still live in the past. It's a shame!