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Tongue and Groove

An erotic portrait from our last shoot together. We hope our viewers will enjoy it!

We don't think this violates DA rules, as the labia are not spread, there is no contact between the models, and no bodily fluids actual or simulated. Please let us know if you disagree!

We always love to hear your comments, good or bad :)
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Adoromujeres.- ¡Delicioso!, Ella determina lugar, ritmo y tiempo; dispone dónde sentir tu lengua.

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So intense, yet simple. Like love should be. Yes Lucy?
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 ¡Qué imagen más bella! La fotografía consigue que se pueda palpar la tensión sexual que rodea al acto previo al contacto entre cuerpo y cuerpo, siendo la expresión de un segundo cargado de promesas (bueno, al menos eso me transmite a mí Wink/Razz ).
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vista maravilhosa...imagino q o cheiro tambem seja!
Nice love the shadow look
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who cares if it is against.. i love it very erotic .. keep it up
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Great, I love this.
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Perfect, title.
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mmm... darn sexy!!
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tantalizing...great lighting for effect!
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Wow! Just great!
very erotic and very sensual
in no way does thisn photo volate any of the rules
Sucking honey from the beehive...
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What a great image... and title!
RomitaTempranillo's avatar
Thank you Richard. He is very creative with his titkes. Amongst other things
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yah, since i was eleven or twelve years old. hahah. still do here and there.
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love the title. every time i lay wood floors i will be reminded of this shot, awesome!
RomitaTempranillo's avatar
LOL, do you lay floors often?
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