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Kenshi (Default)

By romero1718
Update: 7/27/15

Modified the hair/beard diffuses to make Kenshi's hair more grayish to match his in-game look.


Optional items match up as follows:
    - SentoDefaultLH (Left Hand), SentoDefaultRH (Right Hand)
BalancedSentoLH (Left Hand), BalancedDefaultRH (Right Hand)
PossessedSentoLH (Left Hand),
PossessedSentoRH (Right Hand)
(Balanced) SentoDefaultBack + (Balanced) SentalDefaultScabbard

Models belong to: Netherrealm Studios


DL Weapons/Accessories:…
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Thanks a heap Romero :)

jamipharaoh's avatar
This is incredible.
BuckydePrimas's avatar
Ronin Kenshi with Kenjutsu variation, please. Sorry for bothering you.
TexPool's avatar
Any chance for the "Ronin" Kenshi ?
romero1718's avatar
TexPool's avatar
Cool, cuz i haven't seen any new MKX models for a while
TexPool's avatar
are you gonna port the cartoonish Scorp and Sub ?

they can be perfectly used for Sub-ZElsa fanart
romero1718's avatar
Mike92evil92's avatar
Thanks for the model.
I like better the tournament skin but this one is nice too, also beard! :P
GiantManStomp's avatar
Very, very cool! You done a great job, thank you! :hug:
romero1718's avatar
You're welcome! :hug: :)
TexPool's avatar
i though his hair was already grey in the game
TexPool's avatar
that's better
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