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For those who have been following the RomeoxJulien webcomic...RomeoxJulien Act I: The Family HAS BEEN PUBLISHED!!!!

Click this image link and order your copy today!

It's not really a big secret that a great lot of love has gone into this first book and will continue to do so as Act II & Act III are produced. ^_^ <3

Please help show your support by purchasing your very own copy today! ^,^

Thank you MUCHLY MUCHLY!!!


We’ve put together a full color book of all the featured characters of the RomeoXJulien Story, plus a bio page for the creators, plus Act 1: Scene 1.  It’s only $6 plus shipping, and you will also receive one of our Just Yaoi bookmarks.

Ordering is easy, just head over to and 
simply click on the LE PREVIEW BOOK in the right sidebar.

Pick the one that indicates where we should send our book, and you’ll get the correct shipping and handling price.  In the blank space let us know if you want it Autographed or anything else you want us to know.

THANK YOU for supporting the ARTIST for RomeoXJulien with this purchase!