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the emptiness in me

the emptiness in me
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what's on the other side might be a nice piece of art as well
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how amazing. omg.
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You're featured here: [link]
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omg amazing.....
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I get goosebumps from viewing this, but the good kind. Very very nice. :+fav:
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"This love will never die"
I find this picture quite comforting!
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i would like to obey the title but i wouldn not send an empty comment so =D
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This is great!!!
This is scary.. reminds me of myself..

Great picture!
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Well done. Where do you people find such places?
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...I remembered it to be more similar, but whatsoever, here it is: [link]
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nice picture too :-)
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shit - the wrong link! and I can't find the right one anymore... it was a picture which I saw a few seconds before yours, which was in a complete different environment but very similar brightness/contrast etc... mhm...
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Like it a lot. Like this too: [link] Compare!
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Thanks for your comment... but I think you posted the wrong link hehe ;)
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Awesome photography... very well done.
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