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Drip… drip… drip…

The sound of water dripping woke me up to a dark, damp and mossy cell. I was lying on a pile of hay, my arms tied behind my back. I felt cold shackles on my wrists and ankles. I glanced around before starting to squirm around. Sometimes these old, rusty shackles were easy to break by just moving around.

Torch light lit the corridor and I heard footsteps coming towards my cell. I saw Thorn - blond bandit leader accompanied by two of his lackeys.

“How’s my little mouse feeling in there?” the leader smirked.

“I wouldn’t use that word, bandit! You’ll regret it later”, I snapped as I squirmed more.

“Har, har, har! I love your spirit. I wonder how long you will last. Even the most feral wolf becomes tame after it’s stripped off light, food and company of its pack.”

“I’m a dragon! Not a wolf and certainly not a mouse. Release me and I won’t kill you painfully.”

“Oh-ho ho ho ho!” Thorn guffawed, his face full of confidence.

One of the lackeys opened the cell door and Thorn stepped inside. He walked towards me, keeping the torch in his hand. In its light the bandit seemed rather intimidating and for some reason very irresistible. The shadows danced beautifully on his muscles as he bent over, bringing the hot flame of the torch near my face.

“Dragon or not, you’re a woman. And I will have you one way or another.”

“If you want to rape and kill me, then you’d better get on with it! Once I’m out of these shackles, you’re going down to Oblivion!” I shouted at him and as a last nail to my words, I spit on his smug face.

The bandit wiped his face arrogantly, taking a deep breath as he rose to his full height. He looked down on me, his blue eyes flickering from lust.

“Take her to the dining room, make sure she’s nicely dressed. Don’t touch her otherwise.”

Thorn marched away as the lackeys entered with wide grins on their faces. One of them opened my shackles and the other threw a fancy dress on my face.

“Put it on, no funny moves.” the lackey said.

I rubbed my chafed wrists carefully before turning my back on the two watch dogs. While dressing I weighed my options. I could shout these two out of my way, take their weapons and run through the fortress. The thing was, my shouting would alarm the whole place - I would be dead in ten seconds without decent armor, without healing potions…

“Hurry up! The boss doesn’t like waiting.”

I was the dragonborn. I wouldn’t be a slave to these mongrels. My dragonblood was boiling, making me proud and arrogant. All the while I could turn this to my advantage. If I could make Thorn trust me…

Who was I kidding? Bandits sleep their eyes open and they are always watching their backs. They betrayed their own kind if the occasion called for it. A huge bag of gold might sweep them off their feet but unfortunately I didn’t have that in my pocket.

Once I fastened the belt around my waist, the shackles were put back on my wrists. A dagger was placed against my neck and I was walked out of the cell, through many stairs and mossy, damp, narrow corridors.

The dining room was filled with drunk bandits. Where mead flowed, so did blood. Every now and again one or two bandits started a fight and it ended up badly. The tables were arranged neatly against the walls, so that the fireplace in the middle could share its light and warmth equally. Some old lady was preparing meat upon the fire and I was thinking of myself in that same situation in many years ahead if I couldn’t make my escape till then.

I was walked through the shouting and laughing, up the podium where Thorn sat in a stolen throne.

He took the chain of my shackles and pulled me close, staring into my eyes with his own. He smelled of mead, sweat and musk, the light of candles made shadows dance on his muscles.

“You will be my woman tonight, little mouse”, he slurred.

“I don’t think so”, I said as intimidatingly as I could, raising my chin up, looking down on him with spite.

“Ho, ho, ho”, he guffawed as he pulled me even closer, pressing me to sit on his lap. His strong arms surrounded me and secured me in place. I squirmed as his face came closer to my own.

“You say that but I know you will be tamed sooner or later.”

“Is that old lady over there your mother?” I said sarcastically.

Thorn burst into rumbling laughter, throwing his head back and quaking from the amusement.

“She’s just a cook, my little mouse.”

I squirmed, wanting to get free from him, but Thorn’s strong arms caged me within them, his other hand took a firm hold of my chin, forcing me to look into his eyes. I tried to escape but the more I moved around the more strongly he held me.

“Not another move, my little mouse”, the bandit leader ordered.

One blink of an eye later his mouth was on mine, devouring, rough and feral. I tried to deny my feelings - how good it felt, how I longed to be kissed that way, how my desire was set on fire. I tried to deny, but gods…

“Heh, you like this”, Thorn whispered as he pressed his hand against my side, his thumb discreetly spinning around my other breast.

“In your dreams!” I spat.

The bandit guffawed again, his whole being quaked under me. He pulled the shackles so that my arms hung over my head. His bloodshot blue eyes stared into mine, his hot breath rolled down my neck. I blamed adrenaline for letting my body react much too strongly to this bandit’s caresses.

“Your mouth says no, but a woman’s body never lies. Let’s see how you are doing down here…”

His hand walked down my side slowly, seductively. I gasped slightly but bit my lip so that I wouldn’t let out another. Did my body betray me by shivering? I didn’t want this dirty bandit touching me the slightest! I didn’t… but still… I wanted him to do so.

Once his hand reached my thigh I made a quick decision. I bit Thorn’s ear as hard as I could. He grunted and threw me on the floor, cursing and laughing to my surprise attack.

“Har, har! You really are untamable, like a dragon. I love your spirit. Alright boys, have fun with her! She will beg to see me after few of you have had their fun…”

Before any of them could touch me, I shouted as a warning. The bandits looked at their leader.

“Or if the little mouse has changed her mind already…”

I stood up clumsily, glaring at Thorn.

“You want me? Fine! Have your fun with me. But when you sleep soundly, I’ll drive a dagger in your heart and make my way out of this place, slaughtering each and every one of you even if it kills me! You won’t defile me, none of you will! I’ll rather bit my tongue!”

“Is that a challenge? Very well, little mouse. Bring her to my chamber, make sure she’s nice and clean.”

The old cook walked to me and she took me from my hand. She walked me to a messy bathing area that smelled like a pigsty.

“I’d rather swim in a pile of shit!” I grunted.

I stood in front of a wooden door, accompanied by two of Thorn’s lackeys. They opened my shackles and knocked on the door, keeping a dagger at hand in case I tried to escape. I wasn’t that foolish.

“The girl, boss”, one of them announced.

“Let her in and get lost! This is my night with her.”

The other lackey opened the door and the other pushed me inside, closing the door behind me. I heard it being locked from the outside. I looked around. The room was rather big for a bandit king - there was a fireplace, a shelf, a table and a chest. Huge double bed was pushed against one of the walls and Thorn was laying on it. He looked quite handsome, but I had to remind myself again and again that I didn’t want him the slightest. I tried to deny… but why was my body betraying my mind?

“You look pretty, my little mouse”, he said silently.

I pinched my lips tightly together and sent a death glare towards the handsome bandit. Once he saw my stare, he started to laugh.

“I love your spirit. Come here and let me break it!”

“If you touch me again, I’ll slice you open like I was skinning a deer. Now let me go and tell your men to leave me in peace. I won’t kill you if you do.”

Thorn got up as I spoke. He leaped the distance between me and the bed with just two steps. His hand took a firm grasp of my chin as he forced me to look at him. I tried to squirm away from him but his other arm caged me against him.

His lips started to devour my neck - he sucked and nibbled and it felt so good! I bit my lip so I wouldn’t moan out loud - I refused to give him that kind of triumph. He ripped the dress in half and once I was naked he stepped back, admiring my figure.

“Mmmm… soft and delicate indeed”, the bandit groaned.

I stared at him as I felt: I wanted to kill him. But something inside of me didn’t want that. Did this damned bandit king wake up my desire?

He took my hand and he threw me on the bed. I was surprised how nice and soft it was. The furs, pillows and blankets. Before I could escape, his body pressed me against them and he turned me around on my back.

His hands and mouth started to fumble all over my body. I bit my lips so I would not let out a sound. He kissed me softly with his rough lips, his hands walked on my sides, down to my waist and hips, to my thighs which he forced wide open.

I felt the heavy tension of danger hanging in the air. His caresses were surprisingly soft and gentle, but he was a bandit… he could force me just as easily as he was being nice. I tried to deny that it felt good. I tried to deny but my body betrayed me. I felt the dampness overflowing as he finally reached my lower stomach with his mouth.

“Har, har, har!” Thorn guffawed as his eyes looked up to me. “I’m surprised you haven’t let out a sound yet, my little mouse. Many women would be begging me right now.”

I challenged him with my glare. “I’m not like any other woman, you slime!”

“Oh-ho ho ho, but you will beg me, little mouse. They always do.”

He dived into my womanhood. He invaded me with his sharp tongue, his mouth was nibbling and devouring. I let out a gasp but then just bit my lips tightly together. I wouldn’t let him hear my voice. Even if my body betrayed me by yielding under Thorn’s relentless onslaught, I would not let him hear my moaning. I refused to let him know how good I felt.

My desire had been woken and he was stirring it to the surface. No matter how much I tried to fight it, I was soon taken over by it. No matter how hard I tried to bite my lips together, they opened and I moaned. He was pushing me to the edge. And I jumped.

I screamed as I exploded. I arched my back and pressed myself against his mouth. Thorn was still impaling and consuming me, sucking me dry from all of my feelings that kept pouring out of me.

I gasped for air when I slumped on the furs. I had never felt anything like that!

“Hah! And you were so full of yourself not minutes ago, my little mouse”, he laughed as he came over me, imprisoning me against the furs with his muscular body.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. I wanted more! I wanted more. Judging from the bandit king’s wide smirk he saw my plea from my eyes.

“Like I said, they always beg me one way or another. You’re no different, my little mouse.”

I was surprised how softly he caressed my cheek with his hand. Not like a killer but a lover. Thorn’s blue eyes shone with weird kind of affection before his lips were on mine. I surrendered myself into his embrace that was surprisingly warm and gentle, despite his possessive and aggressive words earlier.

During his devouring, gentle kiss he joined our bodies into one, thrusting deep but gently. I moaned against his mouth as I pressed myself against him, arching my back and pulling him closer to me. He caressed my body with his hands while he moved in me, his rough skin felt so good on my breasts and sides before they stopped on my waist. He lifted me up and while keeping our bodies joined he turned to lay on his back while making me straddle him.

I gasped as I felt him slide deeper in me, but all the while it made me feel amazing.

“Ride me, my little mouse”, he groaned.

And I did. I moved faster and faster, taking his throbbing, steelhard manhood deeper and deeper in me. I moaned and gasped as I felt him reaching places I had never thought could make me feel so good. My desire burned and I had to lean against his shoulders in order to move better. I stared into his savaged eyes. His deep groans accompanied my gasps and moans till the whole room was filled with their weird harmony.

I was driving us to the edge. Faster and faster till we both shouted as we jumped into the explosive waves of pleasure that made our bodies quake and tremble against each other.

I slumped against his chest, gasping for air and utterly spent. Thorn’s firm arms surrounded my figure. His triumphant laughter filled the room.

“Har, har, har! I knew you couldn’t resist a true lover, my little mouse.”

I bit his shoulder and neck as an objection, only to make him groan from pleasure.

“Oh, my sweet little mouse, I’m going to keep you all to myself. You’re a treasure only a fool would let slip out of their hands.”

His fingers ran through my hair gently as he spoke. It was not romantic, I tried to tell that to myself, but I could not deny how my heart skipped a beat before it sprinted into gallop.

“I won’t be yours”, I said quietly, making him laugh. “Just wait… one morning you’ll wake up with a dagger planted deep in your throat, bandit! And that’s when I will have the last laugh!”

Few months later

A hand pressed firmly against my mouth and I jolted awake from my slumber.

“Not. A. Sound.”, Thorn hissed in my ear.

I heard distant sounds of battle. In the torch light I glanced at my bandit king who was covered in scratches and bleeding wounds.

“You’re hurt!” I gasped concerned as he released my mouth.

“Few cuts and bruises have never stopped me, my treasure. Get dressed, quickly! We don’t have much time.”

I grabbed my armor and weapons and got dressed as quickly as I could. Once I was ready Thorn took my hand into his own and he started to walk through the dark corridors of his fortress. The distant sounds of battle echoed all around us and it was hard to pinpoint where the exact source was. We ran many stairs till we came to a dead end.

“Thorn, what is going on?!” I asked quietly, looking at my love.

“We were set up. The guards followed us. There’s a mole in my group. It was too late when I killed him. My boys are keeping the guards off our backs, but I need to be there. I need to make sure my boys get out.”

“No, you come with me!” I disagreed, wrapping my arms around his strong figure.

His lips pressed lightly against my forehead. “My treasure, I need you to get to safety. For the little one’s sake.”

His hand pressed gently against my stomach. “I will find you both once this mess is settled. Don’t worry, my treasure, I won’t die.”

“No!” I sobbed. “I need you!

I pressed myself tightly against his chest. The plain thought of losing Thorn was tormenting me inside out. He held me tightly against him for awhile before he stepped near the dead end and pressed a stone into the wall, opening the secret passage.

“This leads you to a small ruin that I use as my treasury. Take whatever you need and get out. Don’t look back, just run. I will find you.”

I glanced at my bandit king and cried out. His eyes were so sad. I should be there with him, fighting for my gang. I could shout the guards into pieces. I needed to be by Thorn’s side.

“Come with me!” I cried.

He pulled me into a kiss that was gentle, strong, soft, rough, loving, passionate, sad, longing - gods, so many feelings were mixed in it that it was hard to think. He kept me against him for a long, long time before he pushed me into the corridor. I couldn’t do anything to stop him from closing the door. I was left in the darkness. Thorn’s face of agony haunted me. Behind the stonewall I could hear his silent whisper.

“I love you, my treasure.”

Then he marched away. I could hear his footsteps going further and further away till I could no longer hear them.

I cried out and hit the wall with my fists. I screamed and shouted. I was supposed to be there with them! I casted magelight and searched for a loose stone or a lever - anything that could get this door open. Obviously there was no such thing. This was one way road.

I started to walk through the corridor within the magelight. It was long, linear and lonely. The sounds of battle abated slowly as I walked further and further. I tried to find a quick way out, but it seemed that the only way was to go to the treasury and from there get back into this fortress from the outside.

It felt like I had walked a small eternity before I saw steps of stairs circling upwards. I started to climb and once I reached the top I saw a reinforced door. It was locked but the lock was simple to pick. I opened the door and entered the small circular room filled with full chests of gold, expensive jewelry and beautiful fabrics. To think that I too had been a part of getting all of these riches.

I took few bags of gold, just in case and hurried outside. I glanced at the direction of our fortress, only to see it in flames. I screamed in panic and started to run towards my home. If Thorn was dead… if my love was dead I would avenge him the most horrid way possible. I would burn down cities and villages, kill innocent people in front of the jarls till they would apologize on their knees, their face buried in their own piss and shit.

I ran till I came to a sudden stop. I saw guards dragging my bandit king - he was badly hurt but still alive. The guards fastened the rope on a saddle and then they started to march away. I decided to follow them from a distance. If I had a chance to free my lover, I would do it.

I didn’t get very far when I felt someone grab me from behind, placing their hand against my mouth so I wouldn’t scream.

“Thorn asked us to find you”, I heard one of Thorn’s men whisper in my ear. “Come with us, my queen.”

“But Thorn!” I exclaimed once I got my mouth freed. “We can save him! When the guards are resting, we can ambush them, free my king and go somewhere else!”

I turned to look at the remains of our gang. Only three men survived - somewhat - and I knew it would be futile to think of a plan with so few men by my side. I was the only one with full health but I was with child. These boys had fought for my bandit king bravely until Thorn had told them to go and find me and escort me to safety.

“We can’t. These guards were far too organized. We didn’t stand a chance. They had crossbows too.”

I cursed.

“There must be a way to save him! I won’t stand and watch him die!”

I cried out like a wounded animal. It was futile to think I could survive if I sneaked in and freed my lover. But I refused to let Thorn die. I would find a way.

Me and the boys followed the prisoner escort all the way to Solitude. My Thorn was so close yet so far and it was squeezing my heart like a freezing cold fist made of steel. I couldn’t do anything for him. Only watch as he was being dragged, being shouted at - to the guards he was nothing but a mongrel. To me he was so much more.

The night was dark, sky was cloudy which was good. I was waiting for Seth - one of the Thorn’s boys that had come with me - to bring me news about my lover. I was standing in the shadows of the Castle Dour, waiting and hoping.

Finally I heard footsteps coming towards me, too silent to be a guard and too loud to be a thief or assassin. Seth emerged behind the stone wall. I turned to look at him, seeing a shadow of sadness creeping across his face.

“The boss is going to be executed tomorrow.”

“No!” I gasped silently.

“The lock in the cell was way too well build. It can’t be picked and I didn’t want to risk getting caught by stealing the key from the guards. If you can think of anything, my queen…”

I didn’t want to hear it. I marched inside the castle and down to the dungeons. With my persuasion skills I could make the guards believe I was allowed to see the prisoner. I walked by the cells till I finally saw my darling, bound from his wrists onto the wall.

“Thorn!” I called out, my voice cracking and trembling. He was badly hurt, some wounds were still bleeding and others looked infected.

I saw him frown, I heard him groan as he lifted his face. Once he saw me, he started to pull himself, as if wanting to get free from the chains.

“Stop!” I cried out. “Don’t hurt yourself more.”

“My treasure! You shouldn’t be here! Go away before they know that you were with my gang.” Thorn said firmly yet very lovingly and gently. “I told you that I’m not going to die.”

“Oh, my love…”, I sobbed, kneeling down and leaning against the iron bars that separated us with millions of miles. So near I could almost touch him and yet so far I could barely see his loving gaze.

“My treasure, please, go away. Leave the city, live the life you wanted. Tell the little one about me. Tell that I died as a hero.”

“I’ll find a way! I’ll save you. You will see our child.”

Thorn’s eyes filled with tears. He pulled harder till one of the shackles broke and he reached out to me, grunting desperately. I did the same. I reached out my hand through the bars, crying out every now and then when I realized we could never touch each other, not when the distance was far too strong.

My bandit king then turned his attention to the other shackle and he started to tug it with his free hand. He grunted and groaned, pulled and twisted until the shackle gave in. He then leaped towards the door and before I realized it his mouth was devouring mine through the bars that separated us.

“My treasure, you must go”, he wept silently, his hands keeping my face between them.

“No, not without you, my darling.”

“My silly little mouse”, Thorn chuckled. “As stubborn as always. Do you still remember the promise you made? That I would wake up with a dagger planted deep in my heart?”

I nodded. Back then I was somewhat serious. But within time I learned to love this man. He wasn’t cruel to me, he never hurt me. He protected me from his men when they tried to have their way with me. He would make sure I was comfortable with him. He gave me my own room, not a cell, he even made me a private bathing area. I got fancy clothes - stolen from nobles, but I didn’t care. I could eat well. He treated me like I was his queen. He never called me a mouse unless he was within the company of his men. I was his treasure.

“Will you fulfil that promise?” he asked, waking me from my thoughts.

I gasped and screamed slightly, his hand muffling my voice before it could alarm the guards.

“Listen to me, I won’t survive either way. I kidnapped you, I forced you… Only you have the right to kill me. Otherwise I’ll slaughter all of these guards that want my head on a spike.”

“Then kill them! Kill them and live!” I cried out desperately. “I’d rather see them dead than you…”

His lips were on mine once more. “My treasure, do it for me. I won’t live long either way. Even if I survived the execution, I won’t live long.”

“What do you mean?”

In the faint light he showed me a dark line walking across his arm, towards his heart. Blood poisoning, from an infected wound.

“No! No!” I exclaimed.

“It’s becoming rather painful”, Thorn grunted.

I weighed my options. I couldn’t free him and I couldn’t heal his wounds. I didn’t have healing potions either. Just few bags of gold and with that I couldn’t pay his freedom. Thorn would die by beheading, painfully from blood poisoning or by my own hands.

“I love you”, I said, looking into his eyes.

Thorn’s smile said it all to me. I took my dagger and soaked it in poison. It would be less painful that way. I looked into his eyes and pulled him into a kiss. He kissed me back and with a slight scream of agony I plunged the dagger into his heart...

Few years later

“Mommy! Tell me about daddy!”

I looked at my son, the living picture of his father with blond hair and shiny, curious blue eyes. I smiled as I watched him run along the shore of Lake Ilinalta, trying to catch a butterfly. I sat down on a stone, looking at the smooth, blue surface of the water. My son climbed into my arms and I hugged him tightly, kissing his forehead and pressing my cheek upon his cotton soft hair.

“Well”, I started and thought of the right words. “Your father was a heroic king that conquered the world famous dragonborn princess…”
I wrote this when I was kinda down in the dumps...
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your a dam good writer! 
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Not really. Average at best. Besides this is NOT my best work. :D
Dat-Auri-El Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well I really like it! If I had more time Id draw it as a manga style.. lol  
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Dat-Auri-El Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sounds about right. so meany pages sooooooo little time.. lol
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The feels.... Why did you have to give me the feels?Danisnotonfire: FEELS 
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And snap they did darling. Very wonderfully made story! Makes me sad when I usually have to end up killing Thorn in Falkreath...
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