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June 26, 2011
Romanticfae's Skin Tutorial by =RomanticFae -- Suggester's words: awesome tutorial!
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Romanticfae's Skin Tutorial



how i do skin
hope it helps someone

i use photoshop elements :)

thank u so much for the DD

p.s yes i realise i should of added punctuation
but people work with what u got

hair tutorial
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Could have been a great tutorial, but it's REALLY hard to READ since it has no punctuation. I had lots of trouble figuring out what it meant in lots of areas. Others I just skipped because it made so little sense without the grammar. Pity. It could have been an awesome tutorial, but the lack of punctuation killed it for me.

When you're trying to inform your audience, it's necessary to be as clear as possble. When you have no periods, commas, or even capitalization, the directions you give become very confusing. Also, it makes you look extremely unprofessional. The visual skill says you're extremely talented, but the lack of punctuation makes me think you're 12 years old.