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Fleur-De-Lis Vector

By romansiii
Fleur-De-Lis is defiantly one of the most pretty pony's I've seen on the show. I really like her. I think one of these days I'll do a version with a nice Background.

Time: 2 hours

SVG: [link]

Fixed the colouring mistake in her tail.
Thickened the lines.
Taper fix

This will be used in a MLP FiM Soundboard app for Android:

Go check it out.
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Snaysme-Niogky's avatar
Wow impressive she is muy beautiful I like :squee:

SH00T1NGM0NK3Y's avatar
Reminds me of the Saints from Saints row.
Shining-Star-Dragons's avatar
What episode is she from? :?
romansiii's avatar
The one where Rarity goes to Canterlot and become's popular. Fleur-De-Lis is Fancy Pant's wife.
CheezSnax's avatar
She is an model and shes looking good.
BigBDawg001's avatar
It's not a bad vector for sure. :) And as ever, Fleur looks very beautiful
CloudshadeZer0's avatar
png, not vector.
if not, it's perfectly done yo.
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Check the description the SVG file is there
CloudshadeZer0's avatar
no, i know. i was talking about the picture himself. it's a png, amirite?
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Yes, it's a PNG because SVG files are not compatible with allot of websites. Also the picture is 8333 x 8333 big, If anyone wanted to use this for print the picture is big enough and high enough quality that people would have to scale it down to use it and it would have no loss of quality.
GuruGrendo's avatar
Lines are too thin.
GuruGrendo's avatar
The stroke on the thighs don't taper that subtly.
romansiii's avatar
Anything else? Before I go to bed?
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Fleur-De-Lis eyes are different than most ponies: [link]
GuruGrendo's avatar
She still has the gradient and the two iris shines.
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I spotted that on my own. when I was fixing the eyelashes.
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Eye lashes could do with thickening though
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