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July 24, 2021
sphere2 by RomanRazgriz
Featured by TsaoShin
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without sphere it would be better

dpcdpc11's avatar

That looks so awesome!

heejeh's avatar

Love the ominous atmosphere. My kind of weather :3

Matrick22's avatar

I swear I've seen something like this but it was a cube if I remember correctly and it was in a graphic novel

XevulStories's avatar

Part of me feels like if I wait something will happen. I don't fucking trust that blue ball it's mocking me by doing nothing....isn't it:stare:

.... And from within there came a soft rustling.

finstabilized's avatar

Excession! :D

Reminds me of a book by Iain M. Banks.

Really weird looking thing. Love it!

TimelessHalls's avatar

What a Clarkian-Kubrickian puzzle to present. In the midst of such random nature, trees, rocks, sky, something so distinctively...artificial...foreign...ominous...alien...Who, or rather, what made it and why? What is its purpose? Does it bring hope, or does it pronounce judgment? Like an egg, its content are currently unknown, and we may not want to be here when it "hatches". Is it Clarkian in nature, designed to further our evolution to the next stage...or Lovecraftian, an unknown and unknowable entity that doesn't care whether we live or die, only what IT desires to accomplish?

AbraStone's avatar

Clarkian-Kubrikian? :headbang:

Tinselfire's avatar

It looked *way* smaller in the thumbnail.

GalacticRimRunner64's avatar

That suggests an interesting story...

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Really great work here 😊

Shamalaya's avatar

Wow, really great. I like the shape of the landslide. ... and the colors of the ball and the rock. The division is also very well made. what I don't like so much is the dark atmosphere. The trees could be more friendly to lighten up the atmosphere a little.

To give more "Magicial" feeling.

But ok, dark is nice too ;)

The deep of the Clouds are done very professional. And the ravens flying in the Backgound, well done.

Nice Work

LindArtz's avatar

Very Nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

For My Personal Use Only
Asgard-07546's avatar
alisuper667's avatar

Very amazing 😍

TsaoShin's avatar

Wow love the concept!

peter-thomas's avatar

Interesting piece. Very atmo"spheric". :)

MiStaBlackJack's avatar

Do not - under any circumstances - free the snail inside!

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