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Awesome use of conposition and saturation in this pic. Love how the tilte circle in the background gives the whole setting a spacy saturn-like feeling.

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I was thinking the same thing. Beautiful piece.

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Hands down of of the nicest !

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What is that blue orb? That is very beautiful. By the way, this is your first picture I saw, and I'm already a watcher.

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Totally stunning views 😍

It reminds me DARK.

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Very nice Roman ,love the orb and the structure in the background

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WOW this is so cool. Great work

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It is a work beyond the imagination and more than wonderful..and it will definitely benefit you greatly, but if you want other resources you can gain more from it .. just PM.

Like something you’d see in Numenera....
Weird and beautiful at the same time.
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Looks great! Well done!

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you are very good, I love this photo, would you like to give me some advice on my works?

Thanks so much💥💥😍

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thankful.nice job

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