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This group is for all dA users who have works regarding Romania and Republic of Moldova !
Acest grup se adreseaza utilizatorilor dA din Romania si Republica Moldova, care au lucrari referitoare la cele doua tari, romanitatea in general !
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:groups: If you have a work regarding Romania or Republic of Moldova, you are more than welcomed to post it on our group !
:groups: Utilizatorii :dalogo: din Romania si Republica Moldova sunt liberi sa-si posteze lucrarile pe grupul nostru !
Flag: Romania by Wearwolfaa
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Azzolubianco Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2020  Hobbyist Artist
I submitted my improved versions of the current Coat of Arms, and I made a Journal posting explaining the design decisions that went into it.

Dear Romania, we need to talk...Let me start by saying, I love Romania, in a way that I don't love most other nations: in a patriotic way. I lived there. My time there made me who I am, and I would go back at the soonest opportunity when it presents itself, even if only to visit. My eyes water when I hear "Deșteaptă-te, romāne!" I love all aspects of the culture, the architecture especially, and the heraldry is some of my most favourite. Of the crowns of former monarchies, the Steel Crown of Romania is one of the best, and in my mind- THE best. It is a real-life object of art that has a symbolic function beyond its physical form, having been constructed from the steel of a cannon seized from Romania's former overlord during the War for Independence, the struggle that made Romania free. I also like Romania's republican coat of arms a great deal; it is a fantastic design that presents a simplified version of Romania's Royal Coat of Arms, which is also a nice design. However, I felt that if one were to suggest an improvement to what is already a great coat of arms, that of the Romanian Republic, I would suggest adding the Steel Crown. The crown is not the hat of an old overlord, but a symbol of the sovereignty of a people; the strength of their desire to remain forever free.I was therefore delighted to read that in July 2016, Romania would add the crown to the Coat of Arms. But then...I saw the design they released into the world.Are you SERIOUS!? Please tell me no one was paid to produce this. You clearly took the clip art version of the crown and shrunk it down to fit on the eagle's head. The level of fine detail on the crown vis-a-vis the rest of the design gives it away. Before I get any further on the finer points of that, let me ask the most important question: why on earth did you put the crown on the eagle's head instead of on top of the shield?!Just use neighbouring Serbia as an example. They put their crown ON THE TOP. When you do this, you have enough room to keep it large enough that people can see the detail. It looks proportional. It's in keeping with tradition of coats of arms that include crowns but not supporters. Most importantly, it doesn't look silly. I genuinely have to wonder if the hilariously half-hearted execution of the proposal to add the crown to the arms was some sort of passive-aggressive act. In less than 2 hours, still in bed after just waking up, using nothing more than a web-based paint app on a chromebook (not even a full laptop with an OS) I created a much better design.Ta-da! Much better, yes? And just for fun, I did a rough version with some colour added:You'll probably now notice a couple other choices I made. I used a proper blue celeste for behind the eagle, and made the shield inside use more deep royal blues and crimson red to contrast better and look more ancient. And the gradient effects certainly make things pop. You can do better than this one should think. After all you're a national government with some resources. I literally did this in bed before coffee.There are some other, more significant changes I'd like to highlight. I added a gold border. I think it looks more official that way and most other national coats of arms do this. I shrank the eagle's neck very slightly, so there would be more room at the top for his cross to show. I also shortened the arms overall so everything doesn't look so stretched-out, while still keeping the regional arms in the middle the same size and shape. Perhaps more importantly, I changed the geometry of the bottom of the shield so it no longer droops downwards like an old man's jowls. This also makes the outer shield and the inner shield more closely resemble each other in shape, which makes the design more harmonious to the eye.Let us compare:Clearly the one on the left is better- more impressive. But lest you accuse me of some sort of colour trickery, lets compare and contrast the two designs using a desaturated (black & white) image, so you can see the science that goes into a more properly-executed design.

I hope people will read it and feel inspired to write to bring it to the attention of their Member of Parliament.
lexxii Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Great Group & :iconcutieshots: :star: Would Like To Affiliate With :iconromanian-history: :star: Thank you xoLexxiiCutieShots
PathtoEnlighten Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2016   Digital Artist
Have written this journal to help foster the growth of crucial history groups on countries that have been very important in history: Need for crucial history groups
Optimus01 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
Interesting to read ! Thanks for sending the link.
CataArchive Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016  Student Interface Designer
Make a you "60th anniversary of Romanian Television" doodle and are a Romanian, get a comment!

Fac și tu "A 60-a aniversare a Televiziunii Române" doodle și un român, pentru a primi un comentariu!…
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