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With the loss of my love of my life, I am looking for a warm body with a need for some  intellectual connection -- if romance comes from that then splendid but not a requirement :)
hey guys, In my folder "Juliet Stock" are some lovely couple stocks :) check out, thank you
Hi, I was wondering how to submit a request for a template? Do we just post the request here or somewhere else? Thank you :)
We have a template here: [link]

You just fill it out yourself using your favorite image editor (Gimp, Photoshop, etc)
Wait, sorry, I'm a little confused. So, is that how we submit a request? Sorry I was noticing that people had submitted requests for pictures they need of couples. Sorry, for any annoyance ^-^;;
No worries! You would submit a stock request on the stock request journal (which is linked in our journal header). I thought you were asking about how to submit a profile before, which is where the template comes in.
Hi! I am looking for a stock reference. And instead of trying to explain it i drew it on the muro.
What's important is how the the girls (red one) arms are.

They shall be stretched but resting on the other persons shoulders, and really really good if they are kissing but no must.

I would be really happy if someone would know of a stock like this, I myself can't seem to find it.

boy/girl or Girl/girl is preffered!

Thank you! //Linnzy

ps is kind of's for a x-mas picture!

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