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Love Poem -I Am The Night Sky -Love Poetry by CB by CliveBlake Love Poem -I Am The Night Sky -Love Poetry by CB :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 9 4 Wedding Poems Free To Use B -Wedding Poetry by CliveBlake Wedding Poems Free To Use B -Wedding Poetry :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 1 0 Wedding Poem 10a -Wedding Poetry by Clive Blake by CliveBlake Wedding Poem 10a -Wedding Poetry by Clive Blake :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 3 0
Mature content
A New Adventure - Chapter Five :iconhaegun:Haegun 2 0
Wedding Poem 11c -Wedding Poetry by Clive Blake by CliveBlake Wedding Poem 11c -Wedding Poetry by Clive Blake :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 6 6 Love Poem -When We're Together -Poetry CliveBlake by CliveBlake Love Poem -When We're Together -Poetry CliveBlake :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 10 4
The Autumn Maiden ch 02
By the time Cinder had made it home the sun had all but set.Cinder walked into the house to find the blonde woman waiting for him on the couch, tears in her eyes. Cinder almost felt pity for the horrid woman knowing the great impact of the loss of her son.
Angela looked up at him trying to regain her composure. She stood up from her spot making her way over to Cinder. She looked down at the redhead who closed his eyes preparing for what was coming next. A loud smack echoed through the house before silence brushed over the old room once more.
“It is your fault he is dead and you will suffer for it,” The woman said trying to hold her composure, just barely. Cinder looked back at the woman tears falling from his eyes as his eyebrows furrowed. He stepped back in astonishment, “Suffer? I am already suffering from the likes of you. Everyday I cook, clean, and take you and your son’s abuse! And for what so I can earn table scraps? I was nowhere near Jasper when th
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Interlude Chapter 1
“Those things’ll kill ya, kid. Especially at the rate yer buyin’ em.”
I smiled and looked down at the pack of cigarettes and two white bic lighters as the clerk behind the register of my local GasMart placed them delicately in an unusually noisy plastic bag. She was old enough to be my grandmother, and by the authority in her tone she may as well have been. I took my bag and exited at once, walking out onto Main Street. Locating the nearest trash can, I threw the now obnoxiously noisy bag away along with the paper receipt that was printed for me of my purchases.
I bought cigarettes every morning; I knew how much it was costing me. I surely didn’t need the reminder staring at me, urging me to give the disgusting habit up. My excuse was, it could be a lot worse.
As I lit my first smoke of the morning, I shoved the pack and lighter into my work bag as I started my ten minute walk to Arts High School. Living only about two streets over, it only made
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Wedding Poem 01a -Wedding Poetry Collection by CliveBlake Wedding Poem 01a -Wedding Poetry Collection :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 5 7
Satan hilf Uns Ch. 03 Tales of the Past
Tales of the Past -
“You’ll be missing 3rd and 4th hour.” Doniel said continuing on his path.
“Where are we going exactly?” Kaiser asked quickly but remained following; Doniel waved his hand without looking back and began walking faster.
“If we don’t hurry you’ll never know, and their ask questions.” Doniel said as he smiled continuing to walk. Kaiser just sighed and followed.
“Who will ask questions?” Kaiser asked as they walked into The Forest of Canyons. Doniel walked with no answer but one thing couldn’t be shaken off – eyes were following them.
45 minutes into the Forest it slow began to end. Both stood there in shook, what laid before their eyes was the end.
“What is this?!” Kaiser quickly asked her throat tightening as the images that lay before her was terrifying. Fresh females bodies unclothed and pinned by the head to several planks, pool of lava
:iconkenny1315:Kenny1315 1 3
Angel Prince and the Demon Queen
The Angel Prince and the Demon Queen
Chapter 1: Part 1
Introduction of the Angel
** Caution: Swear Words **
"So… what are you doing so close to the boarder of Demon territory?" An auburn, dark skinned demon sneers. His eyes are a flighty green and feral in their intensity. He shuffles his feet, moving menacingly over a quivering figure on the dirty, cobblestone path. Abandoned buildings surround them, heralding an age older than this one. Other demons, a portly fellow with greasy, hanging bangs, a muscle-bound maniacal smiling freak and a dirty blonde Cheshire grinning girl also stand around the poor quaking angel.
The angel himself is bright blond with deep hazel eyes. His whole body screams fear and terror, "I… I only got lost!" He cries out, flinching as they come closer, "Please… Let me go… I'm not going to harm anyone…" He begs his captors. They all look at each other, before smiling their secret intentions. The Cheshire grinning girl steps around the others, her smi
:icononly-one-name:Only-one-name 2 6
He Invited Me Over.
Chapter 1
He invited me over his place. I wasn't expecting anything to happen because he's super shy and I don't know shit about shit, so were just two awkward teenagers in a friends-with-jealousy-and-benefits-minus-the-freedom kind of relationship. But just in case anything did happen I wore a pushup bra, and matching underwear. They were black with pink polka dots and pink lace. I shaved and waxed everything on my body so that I was clean and smooth. I wore a red half shirt that showed the bottom of my belly, along with some skinny jeans and some sandals. Not that any of that mattered. What if we went to the movies? But a girl had to be prepared.
We've made-out when ever we go to the park with Daniel, Carmen, and Zachary, but we've never gone past that. He was a very polite boy and was very nice and respectful and if he thought there was something I didn't like he would stop. But today he invited me over his place. My sister dropped me off in front of his house and according to her I
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Wedding Poem: I've Found Someone -Wedding Poetry by CliveBlake Wedding Poem: I've Found Someone -Wedding Poetry :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 35 29
On Love and the Broken Hearted
Deep into her eyes, he looks
Deep into her soul
Holds her warm heart in his hands
His stands firm and cold
Sleeping in his arms, she lies
Gentle as a lamb
Dreams a future with her love
Destined to be damned
Deceit, hungry in his eyes
Words and actions play
Lustful vision staring down
Where his beauty lay
Turning cheek, she breathes a sigh
Jolts his fantasy
Smiling, turns her head once more
Never will she leave
Lips of sugar slightly part
Delicate and sweet
Bitter is his selfish smile
Kiss he longs to meet
Wakened now, she sees his face
Falsified by love
Angel like does this fox seem
She is not enough
He is not looking for love
He's not after her
Her display, the only thing
Heightening his thirst
Her mouth shapes words; "I love you"
"I love you too", he says
But secretly, he's waiting
Wanting her, a sin
"Come and let us lay tonight"
Face and smile fall
Heart is shaken and surprised
This request is all
Nothing more she's wanted for
Just a pretty face
To use for the time being
Then leave
:iconphantomharleyquinn:PhantomHarleyQuinn 8 0
Sheridan the sheep's Valentine - Just For Ewe by CliveBlake Sheridan the sheep's Valentine - Just For Ewe :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 33 23
Faves that only relate to Romance!!!


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I was just reminded why I love the :devart: community so much.  It's a great place where artist can connect and put themselves out there on a broader spectrum.  I want to thank kaiverta for the reminder.

Allow me to explain a little better:  I am a writer. In fact I am about to be a self-published author and one of my dearest friends, rachelillustrates is doing the cover art.

In the spirit of collaboration I'm encouraging all you illustrators out there to feel free to let us know. Tout your wares and let the writers know you're interested in designing for them! Writers, unless people strictly request you not solicit them peruse this community and ask your favorite illustrator to design your cover art. You'll be amazed what a well-designed cover does for your book sales.  And don't *ever* be afraid to ask we admins for help. In fact, if you're just starting out and looking into self-publishing I highly recommend Not to mention, seek out other writers to do your editing. Do a book swap and edit for each other. Use your greatest asset: this art community.

Thank you to all you fantastic writers out there who contribute to this group on a daily basis. Keep up all your hard work.
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I am new to this group and I would really love some criques and feedback on my novel.  It is my hope that someday I'll finish my novel and hopefully get it published.  Any feedback or criques are welcome!  If you read my novel please, give me some feedback or if you would like to do the cover art for it, please let me know because I have some idea's in mind for that.  Here is the links to what I have done so far with my novel, titled Even Now: The Captive Hearts………
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Hi everyone. :aww: I'd like to offer my services as a romance artist. My style is realistic anime, with proportionate features and realistic contours.…

I'm currently holding a Valentine's Day discount where you can purchase a fully coloured waist-up couple for $60USD. That's $10 off the regular price. :aww:

Visit my journal for more information:…

My gallery isn't ALL couples, so if you want, you can look through it and order a single character if you'd prefer. :aww:
LateNightLady Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Professional Writer
Would you be willing to put out a call for romance submissions? I am the senior editor at Divertir Publishing and I want romance novels from 60-80k and also short stories around 5-15k in length. 

They can message me for any details. 

We are not paying for the submissions but it is a great way to get your work professionally edited and out there for bragging rights.


No erotica please. Sex needs to be part of the plot (if it is included), not for flash. Kudos for alluding to it without going into massive detail.

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Hello RomanceWriters!

I'm new to dA and am I writer of Paranormal Romance + Urban Fantasy.

Here's a link to the prologue of the 1st book of my Paranormal Romance Series, The Phantom Chronicles.

RosalieEmily Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
this is the link and it's the prologue of the story

Thank you
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