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The Society for the Promotion of Heroic Equality



I actually wanted this to be called The Society for the Promotion of Heroic Equality's Final Battle, however that is apparently too long.
This is my both my first hand done piece of artwork on this site and my first EVER fanart, so please forgive me for anything that you may see wrong with this.
This is based off of the best fanfiction I have ever read, and I am very picky about my fanfiction, which is titled Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (hpmorcom).
I've only included of the group, for those who understand what this depicts, Hermione, Tracy, Hanna, and Susan. Hanna is the one with blond hair and in case you can't tell, she has her arms up to her face in terror. The one's in white are there tormentors, and the thin one in white with the smile is Professor Quirrel.
Also, if you like this, though I'm not expecting any one to, please don't expect anything from me regularly, I am very bad about things like that, for any number of reasons.
Hope you like it! Please tell me what you think!
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Expression of True Chaos!
Like the combination of white guys.

Tracey's hand slashed to her left, and she cried "
Khornath! ", then her hand pointed below her and "Slaaneth! ", above her "Nurgolth! ", and then, to her right, "TZINTCHI! "