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RomanceforEveryone - A toasty hub for writers, poets and artists of the romance genre. Whether you write poetry or prose, original work or fanfiction, you'll find somewhere to put it here. All standards of writing are welcome, because we simply love love.

Tag line quote established from William Shakespeare's Timon of Athens.
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Art Creation

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Group Rules

:bulletgreen: This is a literature group for romance writers. Submissions must be romance themed, any submissions that do not highlight the group's focus will be declined.

:bulletblue: This is a literature group, we do not accept purely visual work ("visual"/found poetry is still fine).

:bulletred: There is a limit of two submissions a day.

:bulletpurple: The Featured folder will only be used for submissions admins choose entirely on the basis of merit and whim.

:bulletblue: Individual chapters are allowed as long as that chapter is romance themed, simply containing characters that are in a relationship is not enough to qualify on its own.

:bulletred: If you have any questions about the rules or are unclear as to why your submission was declined you may contact the group and we will do our best to help.

:bulletblack: Please visit the folder in our gallery you intend to submit to beforehand!  There's a helpful description inside each one to help you submit to the right place.

:bulletpink: Mark works as Mature Content when appropriate.  Anything marked should be submitted to the Mature Content folder regardless of its genre.

Why was my work denied?
Chances are you were not following the rules. If you feel the rejection was unjustified, we do accept a :note: if you wish to discuss the matter.

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Mature Content

Summer Romance Contest 2015


Our wonderful affiliates ♥

                                       Ribbon Banner by YppleJax

:heart: End of Summer Romance Lit Contest - Winners :heart:

Clearly I need some practice at this contest-hosting thing...despite offering six prizes over two categories, we only ever received a single entry!  On the other hand, that did make the judging a lot less stressful... ;P

Since I've got plenty of spare room, I'll go ahead and feature some more of their work:

<da:thumb id="438953443"/>      <da:thumb id="519313492"/>      <da:thumb id="485846719"/>

Thanks again to DarkLover33 for the points donation that helped make this contest possible!

I'll hang on to the rest of the points I'd set aside for prizes until I think of some new, killer, cannot-fail contest idea...maybe we'll get two entries next time!  :bademoticon:   

Free Non-Super Journal skin courtesy of uszatyarbuz

                                    Ribbon Banner by YppleJax

:heart: End of Summer Romance Lit Contest :heart:

Some of us are already heading back to school, others are trying to squeeze the most out of the season before the dim months settle over us.  Let's capture the feeling of summer and the passions that can emerge when time is short!  To plant some seeds, entries will need to somehow incorporate each of the three elements below: ice cream, sunglasses and a fast-approaching date.

  • Submissions open September 2nd, 2015 and close September 22, 2015 11:59 PM UTC
  • Judging begins September 23
  • Prizes will be awarded by the end of September, unless we get a huge number of entries...which would be awesome, but in which case I will apologize and it will take longer.

  • Theme
  • This should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: Romance and Summer
  • All of the three elements referenced above: ice cream, sunglasses and a fast-approaching date
  • Length/Style
  • Poetry - minimum 50 words, maximum 500 words
  • Prose - minimum 300 words, maximum 3000 words
  • Fan-fiction is allowed, but the piece must stand on its own merits even if readers aren't familiar with the fandom!
  • No Mature Content this time, let's start slow ;P
  • Judging Criteria
  • Originality
  • Technique (spelling counts, kids!)
  • Feels

Submission Rules:
  • New work, created for this contest only
  • Include a link to this journal in the author's comment of your entry
  • Submit your entry to the Summer Romance Contest 2015 gallery
  • As with all submissions to RomanceforEveryone, contest entry deviations must be categorized Romance! This is my SRS face!  ಠ_ಠ
  • Only submit one entry per style category.  You may submit separate poetry and prose entries if you wish, but you can only win one set of prizes!
  • Have Fun! :dance:

Current Prize Slots: (One per person...if someone places in both categories, they will receive the higher prize set, and the prizes will slide downward in the other category.)

A big thank you to generous donors to the group's general prize pool: DarkLover33, YppleJax
If anyone would like to donate more prizes, be they points, art, features, etc...just comment or drop me a note and I'll add 'em to the list and love you forever! :love:  If you can't help with prizes, just faving or featuring this journal would be a huge help as well! :hug:

Update 1: There are a little less than 36 hours left in the contest, but we only have one entry for poetry and none at all for prose!  Sharpen your quills and get scratching, heartfelt scribes!

Free Non-Super Journal skin courtesy of uszatyarbuz
Welcome Back!

:heart:    First, I hope everyone will be excited to learn that inknalcohol has joined us as a Contributor!  He'll be handling most prose submissions for now, and Yours Jaxly will be sweeping up the rest, with Shannon-Sweeney poking a finger in here and there when she finds the time.

:heart:    Next, I'm sure some of you have already noticed a trickle of submissions starting to come through...I've decided to start accepting submissions immediately.  If the volume grows faster than we pick up new Contributors to handle things, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, but for now I'd rather have something than nothing.

:heart:    So for now, be sure to give the rules a quick read first, but otherwise please feel free to once again share your literary love! :love:

P.S. Keep watching, we'll be offering some contests, challenges, and other opportunities for group participation in the very near future!  If you're interested in donating prizes for that sort of thing, thank you, just drop me or the group a note!

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