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Tcest: Piercing
This is turtlecest, don’t like? Don’t read.
All characters are over 18.
Raph hadn’t come home last night and Donnie had stayed up until two in the morning waiting for him. After that he had given up and decided to go to bed and talk to Raph in the morning.
He didn’t mind Raph going out with Casey to talk, fight purple dragons or drink, but they had set a deal that Raph would always come home by one in the morning and Donnie agreed that he would be out of his lab and in bed by that time.
“Donnie?” Raph’s voice woke him up. The first thing he did was check his bedside clock, to see that it was five in the morning, he had only been asleep for three hours.
“Raph? What...what the hell!?” He said upon seeing Raph’s lip, which had a stud in it. “What did you do?”
“Gotta piercing, when I was drunk, I passed out at Casey’s a little after midnight and woke up about half an hour a
:iconromamarufixx:RomaMarufixx 14 11
Mature content
Tcest: Mark :iconromamarufixx:RomaMarufixx 34 20
Unfortunately, I've found this website to be becoming quite dead and quiet where it once was full of fans who either posted art and fan fiction or enjoyed looking at the art and reading the fan fiction, it is no longer. I feel it has been this way for a number of years now, ever since various artists had their fan fiction removed for being too explicit, I had 7 of my works removed by the DA staff. 

I have found slightly the same on other wesbites, although I still continue to publish a lot of my work here, although still edit my works as the removal of my works years ago still has me paranoid. AO3 seems to be the best place to post fan fiction, it is easy to use and very organised and more people seem to use AO3 a I get a lot more comments, views and kudos on my work (I know it sounds big headed, but it does encourage a writer to write when they get praise and this website offers little).

It's very time consuming to post my works across the four websites I am a member of and for the foreseeable future I will only post the rest of my multi chapter fictions (Seeking Comfort, Laughter Lines etc.) and not the one shots, which will all be posted on my other websites. 

I will still come on here occasionally and will be editing and tidying up my gallery (which may take some time, so will be on here more often until that is done) and may delete some works, especially works I wrote for other people - So if I did a commission for you, please save the work before it gets deleted! 

I will be cancelling my membership and focusing my energy on my other sites, I will respond to any notes or comments that I get, it just may take me some time. Thank you for your time and support on this site, but it is no longer for me.