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Michelangelo Rant of 2018
            I recently saw an absolutely incredible artist’s rendition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Michelangelo.  He was in full ninja mode; from the fighting stance, to the swinging nunchakus, to the intense concentrated expression.
            There were comments on the image so I scrolled down to see what people had to say.  What I found was: “Cowabunga!”, “The pizza king”, and “Perpetual pizza guy.”
            None of the comments referenced the work itself.  At first I was stunned, and then puzzled.  Was this all people could think of when seeing a picture of Michelangelo?
            TMNT’s Michelangelo is a robust and well-rounded character.  While he may be billed as the ‘party dude’ or
:iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 5 19
Cussing fetish, I guess?? by yaoi-shamecave
Mature content
Cussing fetish, I guess?? :iconyaoi-shamecave:yaoi-shamecave 36 11
Bound by MsObscure
Mature content
Bound :iconmsobscure:MsObscure 75 30
Chess match! by yukarishii Chess match! :iconyukarishii:yukarishii 82 31
TMNT-Didn't Have To Be So Nice
TMNT Music Drabble
Didn't Have To Be So Nice – The Lovin' Spoonful
Leonardo and Donatello
Warning: mild turtlecest
It is true what they say; opposites do attract.  Raph and I had been the first to experiment, and as far as I knew, we were still the only two.  Although by now, Raph has probably initiated Mikey into this brave new world.  There had been issues from the start, problems that we couldn't talk or fight our way through, and Raph had seemed to turn to our youngest brother a few weeks ago.  I was upset that he was so inconsiderate as to not inform me that "us" was over, but yesterday, I let go of my anger and replaced it with hope.
I dared to hope that our resident genius might be a better match for me.  That Donnie might appreciate my mannerisms and habits that had chafed Raph.
I was unsure if I should inflict my emotions upon Donnie.  I was still hurting, and now lonely.  He was still
:iconfulcrumisthebomb:Fulcrumisthebomb 25 8
TCEST- Lazy day kisses... by ashitarimai TCEST- Lazy day kisses... :iconashitarimai:ashitarimai 124 8
Mature content
The Spoils of War :iconkamefootninja:Kamefootninja 20 2
Grate by yknow-fuck Grate :iconyknow-fuck:yknow-fuck 130 18 CHURR by yknow-fuck
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CHURR :iconyknow-fuck:yknow-fuck 46 6
Sweet Nothings
Title: Sweet Nothings
Summery: The morning after, the night before...Just a sweet and slashy PWP featuring Donnie and Raph.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, though I wish I did *hides the shackles in her closet*
Rated: PG to PG-13
BETA’d: By the Great Mandy!!
Warning: Contains incest and slash, be warned.
Soft touches, whispered words, warm embraces…
“Donnie…psstt, Donnie?” A soft voice flitted through the hazy dream of my mind. There was a gentle hand on my shoulder shaking me slightly. I raised my head at the sound of his voice, but my eyes refused to open.
“Don, babe, have you seen my sai?”
‘Oh, Raph,’ I thought as a smile spread across on my sleepy face.
“God, that was a work out.” Raph mouthed my neck from behind me, as I giggled.
“I love it when you come back from a battle like this…” I told him, as his breath tickled my neck. One of his hands roamed down to my plastron and
:iconhpandbsbbard:hpandbsbbard 53 46
Mature content
Always :iconkiraynn:kiraynn 51 29
PT - Ch3 p07 : Blindsided by Rradomile PT - Ch3 p07 : Blindsided :iconrradomile:Rradomile 57 27 TMNT: Your argument is invalid by P-JoArt TMNT: Your argument is invalid :iconp-joart:P-JoArt 761 122 watch the glasses by yknow-fuck watch the glasses :iconyknow-fuck:yknow-fuck 78 8 Same As Nightwatcher Never Was1 by Dragona15 Same As Nightwatcher Never Was1 :icondragona15:Dragona15 99 39 Ask the AU Turtles: 8 by 10yrsy Ask the AU Turtles: 8 :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 969 452
Unfortunately, I've found this website to be becoming quite dead and quiet where it once was full of fans who either posted art and fan fiction or enjoyed looking at the art and reading the fan fiction, it is no longer. I feel it has been this way for a number of years now, ever since various artists had their fan fiction removed for being too explicit, I had 7 of my works removed by the DA staff. 

I have found slightly the same on other wesbites, although I still continue to publish a lot of my work here, although still edit my works as the removal of my works years ago still has me paranoid. AO3 seems to be the best place to post fan fiction, it is easy to use and very organised and more people seem to use AO3 a I get a lot more comments, views and kudos on my work (I know it sounds big headed, but it does encourage a writer to write when they get praise and this website offers little).

It's very time consuming to post my works across the four websites I am a member of and for the foreseeable future I will only post the rest of my multi chapter fictions (Seeking Comfort, Laughter Lines etc.) and not the one shots, which will all be posted on my other websites. 

I will still come on here occasionally and will be editing and tidying up my gallery (which may take some time, so will be on here more often until that is done) and may delete some works, especially works I wrote for other people - So if I did a commission for you, please save the work before it gets deleted! 

I will be cancelling my membership and focusing my energy on my other sites, I will respond to any notes or comments that I get, it just may take me some time. Thank you for your time and support on this site, but it is no longer for me. 

Journal History

How should I end Laughter Lines (I have a few different ideas but don't know which to use) 

9 deviants said A happy ending
6 deviants said A sad but also happy ending
2 deviants said You think it's going to be happy but it's actually a sad ending
1 deviant said Other (A 4th idea I might think of later on)



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