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Profession - Fashion designer, dress maker
Hobbies - Swordart Haidong Gumdo, cosplay

Fav Manga - Kenshin, Trinity Blood, Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi, FMA, Noragami, Kamisama Hajimemashita
Fav Anime - Ghibli movies, FMA Brotherhood, Psycho-Pass, K
Films/series - Kenshin, Star Wars, Game of Thrones

Music - Versailles, Gackt, Mucc, Matenrou Opera, Kalafina, Machinae Sumpremacy, Sonata Arctica, Lindsey Stirling
Labels - h.NAOTO, BPN, Haider Ackermann, Viktor & Rolf, Moschino, Red Valentino
I'm finally writing something here again! I should do it more (.__.)"

So much has been going on this year already and I'm working on different projects at once. So I decided to show some of my progress to you.

Guren Ichinose

9kpi1egd by RomaiLee

He's so my type to cosplay XD that dark past of him...hohoho... XD

Since sewing is easy for me I decided to make the version with a cape (besides for photoshoots a cape is really awesome <3)
The only annoyng thing was to add the bias tape around all those corners.

Foto 05.08.16, 12 19 54 by RomaiLee Foto 05.08.16, 15 27 43 by RomaiLee

did you know? I have my own label for my cosplays, I always sew it in ^^ The jackets lining is red too <3

 Dsc2049-2 by RomaiLee

I made my first application and i was really easy, it looks nice so I should do it more often ;) Since there was a white tag on the drawing I interpreted it as his name tag. I stiched this with my sewing machine, lucky that my machine can stich letters.

 Dsc2063-2 by RomaiLee  Dsc2069 by RomaiLee

For his familiy crest I made first a claymodel and then casted it with resin. I'v goten into molding and casting recently and I really love it ^^

 Dsc2087 by RomaiLee  Dsc2088 by RomaiLee

And that's how it looks with all the details (on the photos I wear it, the details aren't done yet)

 Dsc2111 by RomaiLee  Dsc2074-2 by RomaiLee  Dsc2080-2 by RomaiLee

For the wig I ventilated the whole front hairlinie by myself. I was unhappy with the bought wig, it kind of didn't fit me well enough so I deicided to do this crazy work. I needed around 9 hours to finish it. But now I can wear both of his hairstyles and it looks natural ^^

Foto 12.08.16, 17 46 52-2 by RomaiLee  Dsc2097-2 by RomaiLee

I just begun with his sword too. I want it to glow with LED stripes and pulsating too XD So fir of all I needed a master model to work with. I have a lot of katanas at home but not one of them was perfect. So I took this blade and imprinted it into clay. Then I took it out and imiprinted it again to make it longer. The clay is specifcally for making molds - without sulfur and it doesn't dry. I made one half of the sword, the other half I need to doo too. After that I'm going to cast it with a clear resin and put inside the LED. I hope everything will work, I'm still new to this ;)

 Dsc2104 by RomaiLee  Dsc2107 by RomaiLee

Hnoblesse Ch190 P22 by RomaiLee

I'm still working on his cosplay or rather on a new verison - the Dark Speer transformation

I've begun to make his arm with clay because I want to cast them in the end with silicone. My vision is to get like a glove out of silicone and embedded into the silicone I'll add el-wire to make the veins glow.
This is just a little of my progress:

 Dsc1720-2 by RomaiLee  Dsc1994-2 by RomaiLee
Foto 19.07.16, 12 30 54-2-2 by RomaiLee Foto 29.07.16, 23 09 40-2-2 by RomaiLee

It won't be just the veins but I'll add more monster like traits, but I'm not sure what I can do right now ;) It's also still very difficult to imagine how I'm going to cast all of it in the end. With adding the el-wire it really becomes hard to do o.O" And I'm not thining about his speer for now ;)


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