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Deedlit Naughty by WickedPrince
deedlit, frieren by LeeYuJin2501
2023 - Deedlit by WarriorFinal
28 - Sparkle Of Marmo by Powerzuul
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Deedlit (record of lodoss war). What do you think? by VenomTheAlien
Pirotess by tcchang
28 - Sparkle Of Marmo by Powerzuul
Deedlit by Neo-Castilian35
Deedlit - Record of Lodoss War by Calssara
Loddoss6 by dojohokage
Loddoss7 by dojohokage
Lodoss4 by dojohokage
Lodoss War: Professional Lust[On Marmo, Lord Ashram returns to his poorly lit room, obviously tired from a long day. He removes his armor and sets his sword down, only to draw it and turn to face his bed, having heard something quietly stirring on it.]Ashram: [stern, pointing his sword] Who are you?Pirotess: [waking up suddenly] [gasp] Lord Ashram.Ashram: [lowering his sword] Pirotess, what are you doing?Pirotess: [sitting up] My lord, I brought that report you wanted. [pointing toward a desk in the room] I left it on your desk.Ashram: [glances at the desk] I see that, what are you doing in my bed?Pirotess: [apologetic] I came early and fell asleep waiting for you. Forgive me.Ashram: [sets his sword back down, waving Pirotess off] It's fine, you were just following my orders. And if I didn't want you entering my room I wouldn't have given you a key. [sits down on the end of the bed, rubbing his head] I'll look at your report tomorrow, [groan] what a day.Pirotess: [crawls over to Ashram, concerned] What troubles you my Lord?Ashram: Never let it be said being a big bad's right hand man was stress free.Pirotess: Would you like to talk about it?Ashram: You don't want to hear me rant.Pirotess: I'm your lieutenant, I'm here to help you. [Ashram moves to let her sit next to him] So I'm happy to listen if you need to vent.Ashram: [raising a brow] Really?Pirotess: [nodding] Really.Ashram: [shrugs] Alright, don't say I didn't warn you Pirotess.Pirotess: Understood Lord Ashram. [gesturing] Are you ready to begin?[After a deep breath Ashram opens up about his rough day. This includes training immature rookie knights, settling subordinate disputes over marching, playing nice with irritating colleagues, badgering from the Marmo Council, and Emperor Beld trying weed for the first time.]Ashram: [finishing up his story]...and that was my day up till now.Pirotess: [bit shocked, taking in everything she's heard] Damn.Ashram: I did warn you.Pirotess: [nodding] You did. Do you feel better?Ashram: A little, thank you for listening.Pirotess: Anything else I can do to help?Ashram: Nothing comes to mind, why?Pirotess: [twiddling her fingers, slightly aloof] Well usually in situations like this, an officer wants the female subordinate to lie with them to relieve stress.Ashram: [taken aback] Pirotess! Pirotess: [holding up her hands defensively] I'm just giving an example! You've treated me with nothing but respect and kindness, and I would never say or do anything to undermine your trust.Ashram: [moving Pirotess' hands down, gentle] I know, I know, you just caught me off guard there. [looks to his feet] Pirotess: Although, if you did want to relieve stress that way, I'd be happy to help if you asked.Ashram: [looks up confused] Wait what-? [shocked at seeing Pirotess move into his lap, straddling him] Pirotess!?Pirotess: Do you not find me attractive? I can use a glamour to look like anyone you wish, a lady in the court perhaps?Ashram: [places his hand on Pirotess' shoulders] No, you're's just...Pirotess: [loosing her cool a bit] What!?Ashram: [sigh]...I don't find it professional to be lovers with my lieutenant. It could compromise our professional relationship and our duties to Marmo, I can't ignore the risks Pirotess, I'm sorry.Pirotess: You carried me out of Fire Dragon Mountain and stayed by my side until I could stand. Are you saying your feelings for me are only platonic? Because mine aren't, [placing a hand on her heart] my heart is yours Lord Ashram. [reaches out to touch Ashram's face before stopping herself] [sighs] But I have overstepped your bounds, forgive me my lord. [starts to get up] I will leave if you wish, I just wanted to be honest with you.Ashram: [grabs Pirotess, stopping her from getting up] Wait. Stay.Pirotess: [surprised] My lord?Ashram: [deep breath] You're right, my feelings for you are...not entirely platonic. Over our time together, I've come to care for you greatly, I'd even call you my best friend. [places a hand on the side of Pirotess' face] And if I were to share my bed with any woman, I'd want it to be you. I just don't know if a romantic relationship would work out or ruin what we already have between us.Pirotess: [rubbing her head against Ashram's hand] You know Lord Ashram, I'm not against this just being cathartic sex and cuddling. This doesn't have to be an "emotional relationship", at least not now, but that can be a conversation for later. [tilting her head] Would that work for you?Ashram: [thinks it over] I believe it could. So we do this whenever one of us needs to work through our stress?Pirotess: Yes, or even just whenever we feel like, there is suppose to be an element of fun to these sort of activities. Ashram: So both catharsis and fun?Pirotess: Is both good?Ashram: Both is good.Pirotess: [little antsy] Good, sooo are we doing this Lord Ashram? Because-Ashram: Just Ashram.Pirotess: Huh?Ashram: In private, just you and me, you can just call me Ashram. [sly smile] And yes, we are.Pirotess: [slam her lips into Ashram's, which he reciprocates] I promise you won't regret this, and please, be rough. I'm a tough girl, I can take it.Ashram: As you wish. [He pulls Pirotess down on the bed with him, the two start kissing again]Pirotess: [interrupting the kiss] What time do you have to get up for work tomorrow?Ashram: I have the day off, was actually considering sleeping in.Pirotess: Great, but you're not going to be sleeping, at least not as much as you had planned.Ashram: Why?Pirotess: Because I'd like to cover the basics tonight. [removes her top] And I don't want to rush things, [sultry] I want you to FEEL the tension melt away.Ashram: Looking forward to it. [the two resume locking lips and removing clothes][Groder knocks at the door]Groder: [calling in] Lord Ashram-Pirotess: [bit pissed] HE'S BUSY!Groder: [stunned, little terrified, turns on his heels and leaves] And then he walked away.
Lodoss War: Alcohols and Attractions[Parn and Deedlit have been helping set up markers for a new communication system between the kingdoms of Lodoss, a combination of the beacons from Lord of the Rings and a medieval telegram. They are currently making camp for the night in a cozy, secluded part of a forest near a pond with a waterfall]Deedlit: [stretching against a tree, removing her cape, sighing happily] Finally, I thought we'd never finish, [looking to Parn] how many markers did we put up again?Parn: [rummaging through the horse's saddlebags] Hmph, too many, but at least we're done, and Lodoss is now one step closer to becoming more connected. And soon, the Marmo are going to find themselves pushed back before they can even invade.Deedlit: [curious] What exactly are you looking for in there Parn?Parn: Well we did just accomplish something pretty big, I thought we should celebrate. [reveals a bottle of wine and two goblets] What'd you say?Deedlit: [lighting up] Where did you get that?Parn: [walking over and sitting next to Deedlit, removing his own cape] King Kashue sent it with the markers as a reward for our help. [bit shy] He also instructed me to keep it a surprise, don't really know why, but he said to trust him.Deedlit: [playful, taking the wine and one of the goblets] It's alright, I like a good surprise, remind me to thank Kashue next time we see him. [looks at the wine bottle] Ooh, he sent the best, this stuff might actually be older than me. [cute laugh, fills her goblet]Parn: [holds out his goblet for Deedlit to fill] Being friends with royalty has its benefits, especially when you know as many as we do. [takes a drink] Wow, I don't really drink, but that's really good.Deedlit: [finishing a sip] You could buy a village with a bottle of wine this good. [the two laugh] [earnest] Parn, when we were putting up those last couple markers you looked like something was on your mind. Is everything okay?Parn: Oh that...I was just thinking about my father.Deedlit: You think about him a lot don't you?Parn: [bit solemn] He's never been far from my thoughts.Deedlit: [leaning in, interested] Anything specific?Parn: [shrugs] Not really...well...sometimes I wonder what he'd think if he saw me now, would he be proud of me?Deedlit: [placing a hand on Parn's shoulder] Of course he'd be proud of you, if he saw the hero you've become, the man I see everyday, Tessius would be honored to know how far his son has come.Parn: You mean it?Deedlit: [smiling] Every word.Parn: [smiling] Thank you Deed, I needed to hear that. Deedlit: What are friends for?[the two drink in silence for awhile]Parn: [remembers something] Deed, did I ever tell you about my mother?Deedlit: [thinks on it] A few times, she was a noblewoman right?Parn: Yeah, well before she died she taught me something.Deedlit: [interested] Ooh?Parn: [bit proud] She taught me to play this one song on the lute, and why I'm far from being a musician, I've always been able to play that song.Deedlit: [pulling out her lute] Then it's a good thing I brought this along.Parn: Where were you keeping that?Deedlit: [pushes the lute into Parn's hands, sly] Consider it my surprise, now come on, I want to hear this song.Parn: [caught off guard] Um... OK, just give me a moment to recall the tune. [It takes a moment, but Parn eventually starts playing a pleasant song]Deedlit: [awed] It's beautiful...Parn: My mother told me my father played it for her when they were courting. [Deedlit, touched, puts a hand on Parn's, stopping him] [confused] Is something wrong?Deedlit: [shaking her head] No, I just had an idea.Parn: What?Deedlit: [setting the lute down and pulling Parn to his feet as she stands] We never finished our dance in Valis after Kashue interrupted us. [takes another drink of wine] I think I'd like to fix that now.Parn: Here, in the woods?Deedlit: [nodding] Mm-mh.Parn: What about the music?Deedlit: [casts a spell on the lute, making it autonomously play Parn's song] [smiling] Satisfied?Parn: [smiles, takes another drink of wine] Very. Deedlit: [leading Parn by the hand] Good, now let's move over here, the moon light is much better.[the two dance for some time, their eye locked on each others, showing signs of being just a bit drunk]Deedlit: Hey, I just thought of something?Parn: Shoot.Deedlit: I was thinking...have you ever thought of settling know...when you get tired of roaming Lodoss being a hero...Parn: Like building a house?Deedlit: Yes! You could build a nice big one...with a garden, a library, and lots of spare rooms for when friends visit...I'd help of course...actually probably should have my own room know...since I' be over so often...Parn: Hmph, I wouldn't mind that...Deedlit: [waving it off] But that's the future...I'm having WAY too much fun going on adventures...aren't you?Parn: Some of the most fun I've ever had...[the two slowly move closer to each other] Although...what kind of room would you this "future house" you're talking about?Deedlit: [absentminded] Yours...[Parns kisses Deedlit passionately, catching her off guard slightly, but she gladly returns it]Parn: [breaks off the kiss, realizing what he's done, embarrassed] I'm sorry...I didn't mean to-[Deedlit places a hand on Parn's face]Deedlit: [bit longingly] Don't do that...I thought we were past this...finally got my knight all to myself...doesn't mind if I hold him...[rubs her head against Parn's chest]Parn: [takes Deedlit's chin in his hand, looking her in the eye again] Sorry...just a little nervous I guess...I don't want to force-Deedlit: [lightly pecks Parn on the lips, batting her eyes] I've been waiting for you to kiss me since...oh gods, pillow talk later...please I want this...[Parn kisses Deedlit passionately again, the two falling to the ground, Deedlit begins to undo the straps on Parn's armor]Parn: [breaks off the kiss again, making Deedlit pout] Sorry, I just wanted to know if you wanted me something specific...this is kind of new to me.Deedlit: [smiles] Don't're doing fine...but I'd like it if you touched my ears.Parn: [smiles] Happily. [Parn begins to gently caress Deedlit's ear, much to her joy][One drunk and wild night later, Parn and Deedlit sleep facing each other, wrapped in each others arms as the sun slowly rises, the two slowly waking up]Parn: Deed?Deedlit: Yes?Parn: Do you have a headache?Deedlit: [rubbing her temples] I do, you?Parn: [rolling onto his back, groaning] Yeah, how much of that wine did we drink?Deedlit: [cozying up to Parn's side] Enough to regret it. I don't want to get up.Parn: Neither do I.Deedlit: [rising] But as much as I'd rather lie here, I need a bath. I'm going to go bathe under the waterfall and hopefully fight through this hangover.Parn: Best of luck, I'll get started on breakfast in a bit.Deedlit: [walking to the pond] Thank you. [stops and turns her head] Do you want to join me?Parn: [looks at her, starts rising] You know...that sounds nice, wait for me.Deedlit: Parn.Parn: [standing and stretching] What?Deedlit: [smiling] Last night was wonderful.Parn: [smiling] Yes it was.Deedlit: [holding out her hand] Now come on, the sooner we get in the water, the sooner we eat.Parn: [joins Deedlit's side as they walk to the pond together] [curious] So we're going to bathe together?Deedlit: We should have time for that too, yes.

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There's discussion, art sharing, and fan translations of novels available. I'm a member but I'm not really that active in the fandom. I just search fan art and stuff here on DA and invite it to the group. There is also a subreddit here:
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Welcome to rolw-club

This is a club dedicated to the anime and manga series of Record of Lodoss War created by Ryo Mizuno. We encourage all fans of Lodoss to join and submit pieces of fan art, cosplay, and fan fiction to be displayed in the club gallery! Joining is open to all fans, no approval required.

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    1. Fan or original characters created for RPGs or fan fiction set in Lodoss are acceptable. Please submit to the Fan Characters folder.
    2. We will accept submissions for the Legend of Crystania and Rune Soldier anime & manga, as they are set in the same world.
    3. Crossover fan art, fiction, and cosplay between other series or fandoms is accepted.
  3. We do not discriminate by quality. Lodoss has a rather small fandom and we see maybe 1-5 submissions a month, so we accept any and all art.
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