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PMDe Tut: Adding bones - new way

By Rolneeq
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Bcuz we don't like traditional way of adding bones, bcuz it's time consuming. :iconmingplz:

This tutorial is about adding bones in a new way. PMDe version reccomended: 0.0.9.x or higher, I think. I haven't checked PMDe 0.0.8.x or sth like that. If you use lower version of PMDe, there may be no tool here.

This tool is really amazing. You can add bones, which they already have parents (except first one, it always has root number -1, you should change it to number of a root bone you want for ex. head). For shorter time! >:]

To make new group of bones, after adding previous set, deactivate and activate again. But of course, rename bones, to avoid confusion.

I added also new way of rigging. Not always is better than traditional way of rigging, because you should separate parts, to avoid further weight glitching of your model.

You can do on other things than hair like earrings, necklaces and radda radda... :iconshnitzelstareplz: xD

I picked bones group no.5, but I was too lazy to add "magic" bones root (parent). I just wanted to show you, how this tool works. xD
For those, who want to know about "magic" bones, check this out: [link]

Sided ponytails converted from 3DCG by me

EDIT: About rigging - sometimes traditional way of rigging is needed, when impossible to do in a new way or when fixing needed for ex. shoulder part.
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This works for rigging a dragon model as well?? (Deadly Nadder model XD :) From HTTYD XD :3 ) 
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Do you have to add the "magic number 5" bone (or parent bone) before adding other bones?

Could explain the types of bones, please?

I want to know which bone type is the regular square bone? By that, I mean the square bone that doesn't have a cone shape coming out of it (you could say which type is that, too!).
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Sorry for extremely late reply, but when it comes to "magic bones", check this out:…

square bone - it's a bone (type number 1, green color of square mark thing), which you can rotate and move things (a great example is a motherbone, by which you move the whole model), when it comes to cone shape - there's such thing as invisible bone, that it's usually just to make such bone "cones", it's a type number 7, grey color as far as I remember
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Hmm, looks useful!
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I hoped that this would help me learn something new, but the text was too hard to read.
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this saved my ass mate
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Thank you so much
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Can u make a tutorial about making a split skirt physic such as Luka skirt i don't know how but some one can make her skirt physic split! When i use skirt plugin it not split!
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I'd like to make a tutorial, but I'm actually not good at skirts (rarely do I use them). Almost all my up-to-date edits have trousers (well, I have few models with skirts, but rigged to legs (tight skirts)). I never did the split skirt. Sorry. :(
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Just make a skirt the normal way then delete the parts that don't fit inside the mesh 
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....jegus, if only I knew about this earlier ;w;
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The font was a bit hard to read but, thank you very much this did help!
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I just liked dat style of font, but yeah, can be hard to read. xD
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I was dreading having to make each bone individually on a model I'm working on..
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Thnx. XD

I find traditional way obsolete... well, I was struggling some months ago too... until I found this. >w> ME GUSTA shorter ways. :icontoomuchgustaplz:
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Thanks a lot! >u<
Btw, do you know any way of double this bones and mirror them? (In case I have a model with twintails)
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No probz. xD

Doubling bones: [link]

Mirroring bones: [link]

Voila! xD
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