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You should check this out, It's really cool!
Click-----------> <da:thumb id="658994325"/>
This raffle is not mine, you should check it out and support the artist though!
Click----------> <da:thumb id="658994325"/>
My little sis :iconrosalinawysteria92: is having a raffle and I'm the only one who's entered so far!
Go show some support:
Check this out!
You guys do realize that :iconrosalinawysteria92: is my younger sis. Right?
I know a really good artist: :iconrosalinawysteria92: they are my favorite DA artist. Another artist you should check out is: :iconisayuku: I discovered them a few days ago and I really love their art!

Rosalinawysteria92 told me about another great artist: :iconoslobondevik: you should check her out too!
Hey, you should check out :icondahub: