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Photo by :iconlokinst: (thank you sooo much for the photos!!)

Me as..some medieval...uhm..noble shepart? I don't know, but the shooting was fun! ^.^

Ah..and the ram is Nelson ^_^
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Oct 16, 2011, 9:02:34 AM
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määäh, schaf XD
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Wie toll! Sehr süßes Bild, ich mag diesen zufriedenen gesichtsausdruck bei euch beiden! =D
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Naja, wir beiden verstehen uns wirklich gut. Meine schafe sind eh mehr wie Hunde, also hören wenn man sie ruft, wollen gekuschelt werden und haben vor kaum was angst v.v. Mah..das war einer der letzten schönen tage, wo das bild entstanden ist, jetzt ist es kaaalt ;-; und grau..und wiiinter v.v
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oh wie schön *_*
wie viele Schafis hast du eigentlich?
(ich hatte früher mal Hühner, die sind auch immer angerannt gekommen wenn sie mich gesehen haben und gekuschelt hab ich die auch xD)
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4 Stück, mehr sollens auch nicht sein, die machen so schon ne Menge arbeit. Hühner hatten wir früher auch so an die 100 Stück, da hatte ich ein zahmes Huhn, das hiess Trudi (hat sich mal das Bein gebrochen und wir haben es gepäppelt, da war es dann ganz zutraulich geworden) ^.^
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Awwwwwwww that's sooo cool <3
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Aw, your ram seems so well behaved! Both of ours hate me. They like to take turns bullying me. o.o

Buuuuut, your photo is fantastic! The costume is lovely, and the sky and grass really show it off well. :)
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and THANK YOU..of course ^^°
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Oh yes, Nelson is! They all are. but I know it is not easy to train them so. It need a strong but loving hand. I had luck because I had my sheep since they where little lambs and they trust me perfectly. The biggest mistake is to hit a Ram when he wants to bully you or to show fear. The times when NElson just lowering his head (when he plays with me for example) then I take his ear and cry loud to him, so he knows that it is not allowed. If you hit them, they think you accept their's very difficult to describe sheep education in english ^^°
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I understand what you mean. :) My biggest mistake was trying to run away, I think. They seem to be warming up to me, now that I'm older (and now that they're older, too!) Our biggest ram, Vader, is VERY big; he could put his head against my shoulder. He's the one that frightens me most, but everyone else keeps telling me he's such a sweetie. :shrug:

I'm happy to hear that you and Nelson have such a good relationship. I'll have to keep some of your tips in mind! :D Thank you for helping me out!
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You can't see it, but there is a whole army of 'anxious' Scotsmen on the other side of that hill.
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Oh yes..with axes and shields and swords....on sheep of course! XDD
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Wow, I love this. :]
I think it shows a kind of bond between humans and the animals that humans look after.
The name Nelson suits him perfectly, haha.
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There is! and I'm really glad you see this bomd (I Love every of my sheep ^^)
something like glutton would be fine, too XD
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ooh you're so lucky! I want to pet him too! haha I love animals. :D
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I know! But it is also a lot of work (now winter is coming and they need water and hay every day two times..and I have to walk to bring it to them for some distance)
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Yes, it's a lot of work taking care of animals! Right now were training our new puppy, so it's a different type of work. :D Though, I wish I could go with you for a day to say hello to them. :)
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I have a second dog since yesterday. It was not planned. I bring her with me from work (we saved her from dying and now she needs a home). a puppy is cute!! ^.^What breed it is?
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Oh, you're a wonderful person to save that dog! I hope you can find a good home for her. I love animals so much, and it makes me happy to know there are good people like you to help them! :hug:
Our puppy is a shih tzu and terrier mix, so he won't be very big, but he's fluffy! :D
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It's my job. I'm a veterinarian. XD I hope to find the perfect home for her, too (my own dog is very old..17 years..and is afraid of such a young one and I don't have enough time to be there for such a young and clever dog). A fluffy puppy..that sounds sweet! Make some photos and share on DA :-). What's his name?
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What a good job you have, you have my respect! :handshake: Wow, 17 years, our previous dog made it to 14 years and I thought that was old.
And yes, I will be taking photos eventually, I have some on my Facebook, but not good enough quality for deviantart. haha Oh and his name is Buddy. :D
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