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Annie MYO (Custom) - Istri


I got my MYO Annie finally finished!

Artwork is NOT mine! I have permission to post on my account!

I'm super happy with how this custom turned out! The artist (Kyuar) did such an amazing job that I'm asking to commission them again for more of my MYOs!
His name is Istri (Is - ter) and he's gonna be Irene's Boyfriend ♥

Thank you so much Kyuar!!!

Candy Cane Sorrel by rollingpoly
Blessing Name(s): Candy Cane Sorrel
How Many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common

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Artwork by kyuar
CS Yamio
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This looks very cute!  .:aww lover:. by Chipi-Chiu
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Thank you! They did a wonderful job on him xD
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He looks really cool!! If you ever consider pairing him with anyone, he would look really cool with an Annie of an osiria rose blessing!
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I’ll consider it ^^ he’s currently paired with another one of my characters that is a based off a bird!
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Ahhhh very nice! And I love the application of the flower for his collar >/////<. It's nice to see Irene's getting some love too >w<. Congratulations on your new Annie, Ro ♥
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Yes I do too! It was really unique how they did it xD
My first annie needs love too lol
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Indeed ^.^/ and that's so sweet! ♥ Would they be the type of couple that snuggles a lot?
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Yes I imagine them to be xD
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Ahhh super handsome!!! The design is lovely they did such a nice job. Irene and istri is gonna look lovely together ♡
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Yes I’m super happy with the outcome 💕
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