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Enlighten Me? [Aeon ARPG]
A/N:  First part of Zuzu’s monthly quest.  I APOLOGIZE FOR HOW SHORT THIS IS, but I couldn’t think of anything else to write! D:  Seriously, I'm truly ASHAMED of myself for how short this :'D Hopefully, come the second part for him, I’ll be able to write more. Hoping he’ll be able to find the zanza’s new location because SOMEONE chased it from its original! -coughcough-Inyoni-cough- XD  Sukru's first part will probs come next.  TL;DR at the end.
Character:  Zurasa
Hunting time!’ was the majority of Zurasa’s thoughts this morning.  He had decided to rest in Traseq on his way to Azeijh in order to help with the damages caused by the sandstorm.  Not long after arriving however, he heard how most of the sandstorm damages had been repaired, so he no longer had a reason to travel to Azeijh.  Wonderful. He
:iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 2 4
Arriving at and Exploring Traseq [Aeon ARPG]
A/N:  Just a short little thing I did for exploration and to have Zurasa officially enter Traseq.  Also for that last bit of EXP he needs to reach level 9.  The monthly quests for my characters will be what I do next, with either Zurasa or Sukru coming first.  TL;DR at the end.
Character:  Zurasa
We’re here…  We’re finally here…
As Zurasa stood aside Luna and Shilo before the gates of Traseq, he couldn’t help but feel a bit giddy and nervous at what awaited them within the city.  So much had been happening in this one location recently, everything from the appearance of an evil God’s supposed incarnation to riots to the former Lord being imprisoned and then rescued by a criminal organization known as the Stronghold.  To say the city had been in a state of chaos because of these things would be an understatement.
:iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 3 2
Azjhreq Application [Aeon ARPG] by RollingEevee Azjhreq Application [Aeon ARPG] :iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 13 11 Farei Application [Aeon ARPG] by RollingEevee Farei Application [Aeon ARPG] :iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 8 2 Sukru Application [Aeon ARPG] by RollingEevee Sukru Application [Aeon ARPG] :iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 12 17
Hellos, Goodbyes, and Mining [Aeon ARPG]
A/N:  Just Zuzu working with his sis to mine to get some stuff to sell.  TL;DR at the end.

Zurasa’s ears twitched at the sound of each droplet of water fell from the stone ceiling and pointy, icicle like stalactites to a surface below.  Whether it was a puddle, the dark, rocky floor, or if it was softly caught on a reverse icicle made of stone, a stalagmite, that ever recognizable ‘drip’ sound could be heard.

The hyena fya felt a shiver go down his spine as a particularly large, cold droplet of water, one he’d noticed growing slowly above him that one time he looked up, fell and broke on top of his head.  It soaked into his fur, making the floof on top of his head now feel drenched.  He suddenly felt hyper aware of all the drops falling around him that would splash onto his fur. &
:iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 4 3
Family Time [Aeon ARPG]
A/N:  Related to the monthly quest but not revolving around it so I didn’t count it as part of the Monthly Quest.  TL;DR at the end. Also, a new name appears in this story. Xaqsi. It is pronounced (zalk-szee).
“Did you hear about that awful sandstorm?  The one that just ravaged Brunst, Azeijh, Yurnath, and Voraiah?”
Zurasa paused, halting in place.  A sandstorm?  What happened?  Were people hurt?  These thoughts and more immediately began to plague his mind.  In order to soothe these worried, racing thoughts, he sat down to eavesdrop.  In order for the ones conversing to not become suspicious and suspect he was listening in on their conversation, he began to paw at the ground absentmindedly, hoping he’d remain inconspicuous.  It seemed to work as there were no glances towards him to see what he was doing and no pauses in the conversation.
:iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 4 2
I'll Guide You to Safety [Aeon ARPG]
In order to thank Zurasa, the runaways had presented him with gifts for helping them: 40 Zansel, 3 loaves of bread, and 2 oranges.  He’d accepted them with (attempted) grace, as he felt they needed the money and goods more than he did, but he didn’t want to be rude when they insisted.  The servants were all eventually drawn to the main room by all the new voices, and Zurasa did his best to explain what was going on when they finally arrived.  He also made it clear to them that they were not allowed, under ANY circumstances, to tell anyone that they were housing “traitors” in his family’s home. They promised to keep it a secret, knowing they’d get in trouble as well for not reporting them immediately and instead helping them.
While jittery at first, the guests seemed to calm down a fair amount when they realized that their host and his servants didn’t plan on hurting them, turning them in, or both.  Zurasa and the servants pr
:iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 3 2
I'll Hide You [Aeon ARPG]
First Monthly Quest entry for :iconAeonSeries: WHOOP! (Kinda assumed a few minor things when writing this so I hope nothing is wrong :'D)

Word spread quickly in Ur-ktan, especially among the aristocrats who tended to enjoy indulging in all the juicy gossip they could get their hands and paws on.  This was something Zurasa had managed to pick up on fairly quickly. It was why he tended to know more about most of the happenings in the country before those of the lower classes.  This was no exception.

The latest news told of how Shasesq, Lord- ahem, former Lord- of Traseq, had not only granted safe refuge to the supposed Incarnation of the Nameless God and his pure mortal family when they came to his city, but had also willingly made the decision to not report his presence and had even allowed him to get away when he made the attempt to escape!  This decision did not bode well with m
:iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 6 6
Zurasa Application [Aeon ARPG] by RollingEevee Zurasa Application [Aeon ARPG] :iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 14 10 Jerboa Anuris (Official AzureHowl Slave) by RollingEevee Jerboa Anuris (Official AzureHowl Slave) :iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 11 6 Aisling Akati (Psychic Slave Entry) by RollingEevee Aisling Akati (Psychic Slave Entry) :iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 5 6 Nanthala Hawthry (Official AzureHowl Slave) by RollingEevee Nanthala Hawthry (Official AzureHowl Slave) :iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 9 5 Obayana Grimoreus (Fire Slave Entry) by RollingEevee Obayana Grimoreus (Fire Slave Entry) :iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 7 7 Bastion Cogshire (Official AzureHowl Slave) by RollingEevee Bastion Cogshire (Official AzureHowl Slave) :iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 8 7 Lazuki Strashin (Official AzureHowl Slave) by RollingEevee Lazuki Strashin (Official AzureHowl Slave) :iconrollingeevee:RollingEevee 6 8


Aeon ARPG Adopts Hybrid Pack 4 by Painterqueen Aeon ARPG Adopts Hybrid Pack 4 :iconpainterqueen:Painterqueen 2 0 Wolf Adoptables [3] (7/9 OPEN) by Nova-Shadow26 Wolf Adoptables [3] (7/9 OPEN) :iconnova-shadow26:Nova-Shadow26 14 8
Mining Hell 14
        Luna walked through the damp alleys, wandering, lost in thought. Words were being spread far and wide of new beasts crawling within the caves. She wasn't one to be scared of something as that, but for some reason, this news sent shivers down her spine. As she continued walking aimlessly through the alleys, Luna unknowingly had stepped on another fya's tail. 
        Ouch! A small yelp called out.
        "Oh!" Luna said slightly startled, "I'm so sorry! I didn't notice you there." She peaked around the crate to see a small snake fya curled up further in the back of the box. 
        "No no," the fya quickly said in gentle protest, "it's my fault for letting my tail recklessly hang out," it slowly slithered out of the crate to come into the shallow rays of sunlight that touched some parts of the tight dirty alleyway. She looked up at Luna to get a better size
:iconpainterqueen:Painterqueen 3 9
Commission Info - OPEN [Waitlist Open] by Nukinit Commission Info - OPEN [Waitlist Open] :iconnukinit:Nukinit 87 4 Adopt Pack ALL Open by KilianKuro Adopt Pack ALL Open :iconkiliankuro:KilianKuro 15 0 #wotw Sunstrike! by Abyssnima #wotw Sunstrike! :iconabyssnima:Abyssnima 35 0 [CM] Lavaside by IceriftFyera [CM] Lavaside :iconiceriftfyera:IceriftFyera 128 14 Mauve, Azul, and Marron (casual + uniform) by ehrehnii Mauve, Azul, and Marron (casual + uniform) :iconehrehnii:ehrehnii 3 13 (Rana) Outfit design 1 by Neru-chan95 (Rana) Outfit design 1 :iconneru-chan95:Neru-chan95 4 1 Shinzou wo Sasageyo by raditya Shinzou wo Sasageyo :iconraditya:raditya 17 2 Camus vs Jonah-Battle for the Last Slice by indigo-1008 Camus vs Jonah-Battle for the Last Slice :iconindigo-1008:indigo-1008 2 0 Edgar stamp by alexielnoten Edgar stamp :iconalexielnoten:alexielnoten 2 0 {RAFFLE PRIZE} Snack by pocketbeetle {RAFFLE PRIZE} Snack :iconpocketbeetle:pocketbeetle 17 3 Ikerev by RenKunn Ikerev :iconrenkunn:RenKunn 3 1 Portrait : The masked man by Nanochiii Portrait : The masked man :iconnanochiii:Nanochiii 12 0 Free Gryphon Lineart by FerianMoon Free Gryphon Lineart :iconferianmoon:FerianMoon 459 39


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