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Arrow Neru Download

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Published: May 6, 2011
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Hehe shes pointing to the download button! This time it was on purpose becuz it looked CUL ^^

AWESOMENESS-and shes totally free (in money terms)

Have fun!

I'll put the rest of the baka crew out over the next few days.



a. Linking This Page (or my deviantart page)
b. Stating In the Writing that this is my mode


a. Call her by her actual name: Arrow Neru
b. not claim her as your own!

Rules apply on any edits of her!!!-

DO NOT EDIT OR DISTRIBUTE YOUR EDITS WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL BY ME! (so PM me because i'm nice and i'll say most likely say yes)


(Its also recommended that you credit the LAT models too seeing that this ones based off of her)

I hereby give SPECIAL credit to MayumiChan0907: [link]
for creating Neru Akita from LAT Miku. I used Neru Akita as the base model for my Arrow Neru Model.

Credit also goes to Lat for the VERY base- Miku Hatsune

I would also like to make it clear that if you find the regular Neru Akita model anywhere and the person doesn't know where it came from, chances are it was made with MayumiChan's awesome talent! I made that mistake myself, someone told me it was LAT's wasn't *gasp* someones gonna get in trouble XD

BAI- I hate to be so direct when giving out directions 4 Credit...but honestly if I didn't no one would follow directions!

~Rollie Ryttle ^^

Thumbs up to everyone who loves to play Wheres Waldo!
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Hatsunemili000Hobbyist Digital Artist
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wbreadHobbyist General Artist
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xD I'm British, so for me it's Where's Wally ^^ Thanks again for letting me display the model edit!
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pinkyboo92Student Digital Artist
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Yukari-Yuzuki-loveStudent General Artist
downloaded,I'll give the credits :3
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Poket-VocaloidHobbyist Digital Artist
downloaded ^^
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KawaiiKiwi-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
may i use the band on her leg for a model request? I will give full credit.
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RollieRyttleStudent Digital Artist
Um....I would say yes...but since this is an edited model, I don't know if I can...

Is there any way you could get it from the original model instead of my edit?
The Model is LAT NERU by ~MayumiChan0907 here on deviantart...
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KawaiiKiwi-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
Okay thank you!
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Aww your baka crew edits are so cute ^^

(BTW.....i play Where's Waldo.)
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RollieRyttleStudent Digital Artist
I forgot I even put that there for people to find xD
I don't think it was a good enough model for me to ever release but it was a cute edit from a long time ago ouo
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Yeah, i mean i play it...BUT I NEVER FINBD HIM. THAT'S HOW MUCH I FAIL.

It is a really cute edit! ^^
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RollieRyttleStudent Digital Artist
Thanks ouo
It's a really old one...but I've tried to work on a big MMD project for vocappend's new branch...and im so caught up its unbelievable...

I wish you could see how much more I've improved xD
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Nice. I locat for a Youtube link.

Grat work!
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Your Models Are Great! ^^
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You said that I can't edit without your permison right?
Well, can I do An Arrow Rin? ^^
PandoraAquaHeart's avatar
And Can I redistribute and use my model edited...
Don't Worry! I give u Credit! ^^
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RollieRyttleStudent Digital Artist
Okay, you can make the Rin ^^ But can I approve her before you distribute her please :)

I should probably let you know now...that I am already making a Rin and a Gumi and some others...but I really want to see your version of how you do Rin ^^

Good Luck, and please keep me updated on your progress :D
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Sorry... But I can't do it! It stays horrible! :(
Please... do you the Rin Arrow! It's Better! :)
Thanks anyway! ^^
Can u warn me up when u finish the model?
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RollieRyttleStudent Digital Artist
Sure...i let you know when she's done ^^
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